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Marriage Settlement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Format

Marriage Settlement Format

A marriage settlement agreement helps in creating an understanding between two parties when they do not want to live together. It is particularly helpful in joint application by both parties for mutual divorce. However, marriages in India are not considered to be agreements and any it cannot be resolved by only agreements. This marriage settlement MOU will help you to resolve matters amicably if the marriage has failed.



This MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING   made    this       _______      day   of   _______      between


_____________________________________, son of_______________________, aged _____________about_____years residing at_______________________, hereinafter refereed to as the “First Party”




MS ______________, wife of _______________________, daughter of ________________, aged about ______ years, residing at_______________________________________________, hereinafter refereed to as the “Second Party”.



          PARTIES HERETO AGREES as follows:

  1. In consideration of the dissolution of marriage arrived at between the parties hereto with consent and acknowledgment of their respective families, the First party shall pay a sum of Rs __________/-(Rupees _____ Only) by way of Pay orders No. _______ dated _______ drawn on _____ Bank for Rs._________/-(Rupees _______ only) & by way of Cheque No. _____ dated ______ drawn on _____ Bank for Rs._________/-(Rupees ______ only) in full and final settlement of the claims and/or the demands whatsoever or howsoever.


  1. The First party has received from Second Party and Second Party has also received from the First Party all the ornaments, jewelry, valuable articles received from each other at the time of marriage and thereafter.


  1. The Second Party shall duly issue receipt and acknowledge the payment made by First party in full and final settlement towards dissolution of the marriage tie.


  1. In consideration of the Agreement, payment and covenant for the dissolution of the marriage as aforesaid, both the parties hereto covenant and undertake to file appropriate applications, petitions, jointly and/or severally as the situation may so require before the appropriate Court or Courts of Law for dissolution of marriage/divorce of the parties on the ground of mutual consent.


  1. The Parties hereto covenants to withdraw all the proceedings, Claims, demands, allegations, complaints whatsoever filed before any authority or authorities or Court of Law or legal Forum.


  1. The parties hereto futher covenants not to claim or make any demand henceforth against each other whatsoever.


  1. The petition drawn up and executed for mutual divorce will be filed by the parties forthwith.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set and subscribed their respective hands on the day, month and year first above written.




SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED by the “FIRST PARTY” at ________ in presence of:













By the “SECOND PARTY”, at ________ in

the presence of :



















Received of and from the FIRST PARTY

within named by the SECOND PARTY

within named a sum of Rs ___________

(Rupees ___________ only) as per memo below:                                                                                                                                  Rs___________/-






By Pay Order No.______ dated __________                       Rs ________ /-

drawn on ____Bank


By Cheque No. 207113 dated _________

drawn on ______ Bank                                                   Rs __________/-



Rs ____________/-

















Dated ………………..Day of ………….., ………….










                                                        ……FIRST PARTY








                                                        ……SECOND PARTY







___________, Advocate

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