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Checklist For Buying Flat/House/Property India West Bengal

You must check the following before embarking upon buying any property, be it a house, land or an ownership flat or even a Co-operative society flat. The splurge of developers and builders in every nook and corner is of serious concern. So buyer beware…

1.Clear title of the land
2. Mutation of land
in current owners name
3. Development agreement between developer and Plot owner (registered deed)
4. General Power of Attorney (registered Rs. 1000 stamp paper)
OR notarized in favour of developer by owner
5. Last paid local authority (municipality) tax receipt
6. Last paid electricity bill
7. Building and Floor Plan approval
8. Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) from Municipality
(not applicable everywhere)
10. NOC Sewerage
11. NOC Electricity
12. NOC Water
13. NOC Environment
14. NOC Fire
15. NOC Garbage Requirements
16. Urban land ceiling certificate
17. Commencement certificate
18. Structural safety certificate
(may not be available immediately)

Before buying property enter into an agreement for sell with the developer and owner detailing:
A) your selling rights
B)Construction Deadline (Penalties)
C)Transfer of undivided share to buyer
D) Difference between super built up area and carpet area
E) Hidden Costs

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how to get a residential plot either direct or in the name of housing co operative society

Depends on the developer. Super built up area includes built up area as well as common spaces such as lobby, lifts, etc. Built up area includes carpet area plus thickness of walls and balcony. Carpet area is the actual area of living or space betwwen the walls.

Mutation is registration of name in the municipality or panchayat records regarding the right to deposit revenue for the said land. It does not prove ownership but can be used as an added proof along with registered sale/lease/gift deed to prove ownership over the property.
Mutation entries are only to enable the state to collect revenues from the persons in possession and enjoyment of the property; that right, title or interest in the property should be established dehors the entries; that the entries are only one of the modes of proof of the enjoyment of the property; and that mutation entries do not create any title or interest therein.
You can check this link for further details:

i bought a flat in kolkatta from developer. my flat has been registered.My question is can mutation be done without the help of the builder?Am I the legal owner of the flat now?Builder has not given the cc yet will I be in trouble for that?

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If an litigation is going on between two owner of building, can we purchase a flat from the flat owner. What will happen if any one owner file a suit for wrongdoing.

i intend to buy land at panagarh, on the national highway. it is agricultural land. what all i should check sir ?

In case of WBHB HIG AT DURGAPUR flat what should one do before buying from original lottery allottee? Please help.Thanks.

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