Legal Cases

Legal Cases #3: Achyutnanda Mishra and Ors vs The State of West Bengal and Ors

Achyutnanda Mishra & Ors vs The State of West Bengal & Ors on 17 June 2015 The request in writ No. 494 (W) of 2003 was initially filed by Achyutnanda Mishra and his mother Shyama Sundari Mishra in prayer including the request (f) by a temporary order to prohibit respondents from constructing any property for […]

Property News

Property News #3: Zero stamp duty for homebuyers, Mahindra Happinest project, Tata Projects outbid LT for Parliament work

Tata Housing announces new scheme with zero stamp duty for homebuyers Tata Housing has introduced a new zero-stamp scheme for customer applications beginning this week in the Maharashtra construction-linked payment plan for projects. The new zero stamp duty schemes are offered as an alternative if a customer does not wish to use the scheme. However, […]

Legal Formats

Format of Will in Favour of Minor Son in West Bengal and Kolkata

I, AB, etc. execute this my last will this the ____ day of ___________ in the city of _________voluntarily out of my own free will without any compulsion or pressure from any person and having a second disposing mind. Whereas I had made a will dated ________ in favour of my wife CD bequeathing all […]