Legal Cases

Legal Cases #4: Loknath Dhal v/s Gita Rani Roy (C.O.No. 3571 of 2013)

Loknath Dhal v/s Gita Rani Roy (C.O.No. 3571 of 2013) In this case, the petitioner filed a case under Article 227 of the Indian Constitution. In the petition, he seeks to quash the order number 14 of 19.06.2013 in Title Suit No.17 of 2013 issued by the Civil Judge (Junior Division), 2nd Court, Chandannagar for the dismissal […]

Property News

Property News #4: The housing project of Jaypee, Realty hot spot series, Value of Real Estate under Construction Jumps

Construction resumes at stuck housing project of Jaypee, homebuyers to monitor work  “Thousands of home buyers have been affected in the Uttar Pradesh National Capital Area in terms of delays in real estate projects. These delays are typically due to promoters not complying with their commitments to the home buyers.” As a result, the concerned […]

Legal Formats

Format of Indemnity by a Land Owner Whose Title is in Dispute in West Bengal and Kolkata

This Deed of Indemnity is made at ……… this …….. day of ……… between Mr. A residing at ……… hereinafter referred to as ‘the Land Owner’ of the One Part and Mr. B residing at …… hereinafter referred to as ‘the Tenant’ of the Other Part. Whereas the Landowner claims to be the absolute owner […]