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Format of Indemnity by a Land Owner Whose Title is in Dispute in West Bengal and Kolkata

This Deed of Indemnity is made at ……… this …….. day of ……… between Mr. A residing at ……… hereinafter referred to as ‘the Land Owner’ of the One Part and Mr. B residing at …… hereinafter referred to as ‘the Tenant’ of the Other Part.

Whereas the Landowner claims to be the absolute owner of an immovable property consisting of land and building. situate at ….. bearing S. No. and House No ……………

and Whereas the Tenant is occupying one tenement in the said building being Flat No…. on ……. floor thereof.

and Whereas the title of the Landowner is disputed by another person namely Mr. ….. who claims to be the real owner of the said property and has objected to the tenants in the property paying rent to the Landowner.

and Whereas the Landowner has requested the Tenant to pay the rent to him as he is In any event an ostensible owner of the said property and has agreed to indemnify the Tenant against any loss that he may suffer due to his paying the rent to the Landowner.

and Whereas the Tenant has agreed to do so on the Landowner executing this Deed.

Now This Deed Witnesseth that pursuant to the said agreement the Land owner doth hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Tenant and covenants with the Tenant that in the event of the Tenant paying the rent to the Landowner of the said premises occupied by him in the said building and thereby suffering or incurring any liability or loss on the ground that the payment of rent is wrongly made to the Landowner he shall make good the loss, costs, charges and expenses that the Tenant may incur or suffer on account of paying the rent of the said premises to the Landowner.’

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Landowner has put his hand the day and year first hereinabove written.

Signed and delivered by the

with in named Landowner Mr A in the presence of …….

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