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Property News # 5: Commercial properties in amnesty scheme, Conveyance deeds under PM-UDAY, Mysuru City Corporation (MCC)

Proposal to include commercial properties in amnesty scheme

The standing committee of the municipal corporation (PMC) proposed to add commercial properties it a tax amnesty scheme that aims to recover the dues. However, this proposal was defended by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). BJP stated that the owners of commercial properties are facing several issues and financial difficulties due to the pandemic. As a result, such property owners are unable to generate revenues. Moreover, this amnesty scheme will be proved beneficial for such people. On the other hand, the scheme was opposed by Congress. 

Furthermore, PMC stated that the ultimate advantage of this scheme will be availed by some establishments for their benefits. The party also added that defaulters with small amounts will be covered only from the waiver but defaulters with huge due amounts will be excluded.

Moreover, there are around 10.5 lakh taxable properties in the jurisdiction and this scheme will help to recover these due taxes of the year 2016 and 2018.

Delhi: Conveyance deeds under PM-UDAY issued to over 1,500 applicants

The PM-Unauthorized Colony in Delhi Awasadhikara Yojna (PMUDAY) was the issuance of conveyance certificates or authorizing slips to 1,533 applicants. The scheme began October 29, 2019, to grant residents of 1,731 unauthorized colonies in Delhi to avail of their ownership rights.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) claimed that in different parts of Delhi the residents of illegal colonies were being organized by several awareness camps and meetings with RWA to help them acquire ownership rights.

To support the residents of unauthorized colonies, the DDA has created an online registration of people under the PM-UDAY scheme, a special purpose vehicle under the Ministry of Electronics and IT that manages the CSC scheme, and has also filed applications on conferment of the right in unauthorized colonies.

 In addition, 28 support desks Cells are currently operational under the PM-UDAY Yojna in order to provide and assist in conferring ownership rights. In addition, there are five processing centres (Pitampura, Dwarka, Hauz Khas, Nagar Laxmi, and Rohini Nagar), involved in the back-end processing of applications on the PM-UDAY portals issuing authorization slips or conveyance deeds in the event of maturity cases.

Collection of 40% tax in Six months by Mysuru City Corporation (MCC)

Rs 700 crore INR budget has been shown by the MCC that projected to produce revenue of around 160 crore INR by property tax. According to the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 5% of the rebate will be provided by the civil body on the tax paid or payable by the property owners. Moreover, due to the pandemic, the MCC has also launched an online property tax payment option for 1,88,535 general property owners among which 25,379 are revenue properties and 1,58,156 are general properties.

On the other hand, due to the pandemic and the lockdowns in the country where every business and individual has been facing huge loss or the source of income has been paused, the Mysuru Kalyana Mantapa Association has demanded to the government for waiving off property tax due to the huge loss faced in the lockdown.

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