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Property News #6: Ludhiana civic body, Bhiwandi civic chief, Jaipur Development Authority

Ludhiana civic body to hold a fresh survey of PG facilities, hostels

A fresh survey of paying guest houses, migrant quarters, and hostels are soon to be carried out by the municipal corporation to see whether the number of such properties and their rental rooms is increasing. Although, 39,541 of those properties are registered as house tax payments for 2012-13. But how many rooms each property has and how many are leased is not indicated by the number.

Thus, surveys were performed by Zonal Commissioners so that property taxes could be recovered at 7.5% to assist Municipal Corporation in the financial crisis. 

The city consists of 37 blocks. Tax collectors can track all of the data in these blocks and the superintendents are responsible for the information obtained from the former.

In the month of August, the department of local bodies released a notice that PGs, hostel owners, migrant quarters must pay 7.5 percent of their annual rent for this fiscal year. Even as the officers of the Municipal Corporation have begun to serve alerts on the owners. on the other hand, all the old data is being reviewed.

Bhiwandi civic chief seeks a fresh list of “dangerous and very dangerous buildings”

The Jilani building crash in Bhiwandi is the worst building crash that happened in the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai. Just after 7 years of being constructed the building collapsed and killed 76 innocent people.

This is a big example of poorly maintained and illegally constructed buildings or an outcome of Bhiwandi-Nizampur municipal corporation’s broken regulatory system.

It was found that the first and the second floors of the buildings had caved into the soil. While the third floor was at the level of the ground floor. After three days of digging the rescue team managed to reach the first floor and recovered the dead bodies of the residents on the first floor.

Furthermore, it was ordered by the Bhiwandi civic chief to all the ward officers to prepare a list of such “dangerous and very dangerous buildings” in the city so that the proper step could be taken by the government before a disaster. As a result, a total of 107 such buildings were listed in the category of “dangerous and very dangerous buildings.” While 202 buildings were listed in the list of minor repairs.

Jaipur Development Authority plans to issue freehold lease online

Recently, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) decided to issue the plot owners in the jurisdiction a facility of freehold lease by depositing the lease amount for 10 years collectively. Moreover, it has been also decided to develop an online system that will help to accept the application in the pandemic and issue the freehold lease to the applicants. The government introduced this freehold lease system 3 years ago in the state of Rajasthan. The concept of this leasing system is that a right on a residential property can be claimed by the owner only for a period of 99 years.

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