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Property News #8: KMC Mutation Process, Cycle Parking Space must in New Town

KMC to upload land info to ease the mutation process

Soon, the information regarding the available lands in the areas such as Behala, EM bypass, Tollygunge, and Jadavpur will be uploaded by the Kolkata Assessment Department on its official website. This information will gradually help the buyers to select suitable plots and to purchase it without legal hassles. In addition, the Assessment department will also report to the State Land Registration Department regarding the character and nature of the land, especially near EM Bypass.

It has been reported by the assessment department that several buyers faced huge difficulties in terms of the mutation or the legal status of their properties due to the demand for the No Objection Certificate according to the civic rules or by not getting the No Objection Certificate by the State Fisheries department just LIKE Mr. Joydeep Bbanerjee. Mr. Banerjee ran from one office or department to another to get the mutation of his flat. The mutation was subsequently delayed as the building was constructed on land which was used to be a water body. This, the assessment department of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation asked Mr. Banerjee to get a No Objection Certificate from the State Fisheries Department. But, when Banerjee asked the promoter of the flat to provide the required document or the NOC he refused. The promoter said that he had no such documents or certificates.. As a result, Banerjee is now trying to sell his flat.

Thus, the information available on their website of the assessment department will gradually help the buyers to get rid of such a situation or help them to prevent the purchase of such land whose mutation is not legally very difficult or even not possible.

Kolkata: Cycle Parking Space must in New Town Commercial Buildings

A policy decision has been taken by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) for changing the building rules for a mandatory provision to book a space for bicycle parking by maintaining the doctrine system in all commercial properties such as shopping malls, multiplexes, and office complex across New Town. The idea of implementing such procedures and making it mandatory within the area came by viewing the issues faced by the general public in terms of parking their bicycles. 

It has been seen that many premises especially big shopping malls have a poster on their main entrance requesting not to enter with a bicycle. On the other hand, it was also reported that the security guard of the shopping malls do not allow any individual to enter along with their bicycle.

Thus, all this led to discuss the matter more critically and the NDKA officials recommended to the commercial plots or buildings within an area of 6 cottah or more to make a bicycle parking space near the entrance with docks for locking along with a lightweight plastic trampoline roof. On the other hand, the NKDA is planning to consult the initiative via video conferencing with all the commercial houses present within the area and make it mandatory provision to build reserve spaces for bicycle parking.

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