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Legal Cases #10: Hathras rape case, Government’s ‘gross mismanagement’ of pandemic dismissed by Supreme Court, advocates seeking designation of Senior Advocate

47 lady advocates write to CJI seeking constitution of High Court-monitored probe in Hathras rape case

Registering an FIR under Section 154 CrPC is necessary if the details the police receive show that a cognizable crime is committed.

In addition to this, the victims must immediately be taken to a medical examination and an MLC would have clearly identified all of the injuries to the victim’s body, and then the sections to be attached to the FIR could have been guided and further examined.

On 14 September in Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh, a 19-year-old girl had been raped by four men. According to news, the accused smashed her backbone, clawed her eyes, and cut her language during the vicious rape. The police said, according to the medical records the injuries were inflicted by the accused.

A group of 47 Supreme Court lady lawyers has written to Chief Justice S. A. Bobde to call for a supervised investigation and trial of the High Court to ensure that the accused are punished for the Hathras rape case ‘strictly and as soon as possible.’

PIL to probe the government’s ‘gross mismanagement’ of pandemic dismissed by Supreme Court

An appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court seeking an impartial investigation by a committee on the “gross maladministration” of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Six retired bureaucrats filed the petition and transferred it to Advocate Prashant Bhushan against the government in for the mismanagement if the pandemic. Furthermore, in the PIL it was also stated that  “there was 1 lakh gathered in a stadium on 24 February, despite the warning from the WHO and the consultation given against crowd contacts up to 4 March.Meanwhile it was also stated that the “lockdown was imposed without consulting experts.

The government has kept no details as to who the physicians or medical practitioners that have died during COVID-19. Two people from the crore lost their jobs. Before the lockdown, no preparation was made. If they will be going and how many people are dead because of the situation’s bad management.

Delhi High Court to hold virtual interview of advocates seeking designation of Senior Advocate

The High Court of Delhi will be holding video-conferencing interviews for lawyers who will be seeking promotions as senior lawyers from October 5.

The Secretary-Commission of the Senior Advocates named the lawyers/applicants, requesting the conferment of the Senior Advocate appointment in respect of the interactive interview, are requested to enter in compliance with the notices given in public on 26.4.2019,20.05.2019 and 14.08.2019 concerning the topics. They are also free from the premises of this Court to use VC facilities subject to prior notice to the Secretariat in this regard.

The Committee has allocated the appellants in eight bats and the interviews are scheduled for the period between October 5 and October 14 and a total of 237 advocates have asked to be named senior advocates.

On the other hand, the correspondence explained that the request would be forwarded by mail to the applicant advocates and that the relationship would not be sent to the applicant until 1 p.m. on the day of the interview.

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