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Property News #11: Madras HC on Patta requests, Consumer panel, Goldman Sachs to open an office in Hyderabad

Madras HC raps officials over pending patta requests

The high court in Madras noted that the officials were unable to address the petitions, which had led people to go from pillar to pillar and the courts. “Patta is one of the primary documentary evidence to assert land ownership. Pattas may also be used in a court of law to determine ownership rights. The judge then instructed the land administration commissioner to advise all county collectors to meet annually for the assessment, based on the guidelines of the government. The survey and settlement director shall also regularly hold review meetings and send the reports to the commissioner.

On the other hand, for disposition of on-line pattas applications, the commissioner or the collectors shall allocate zonal deputy tahsildars only. The tahsildar concerned shall regularly report to the picker on the delay for the disposal of the applications by officers in the first week of each month. The Collector shall seek an explanation from the officer concerned based on the tahsildar report on the delay. The collector shall begin disciplinary proceedings against the official for causing the delay if the reason is not sufficient

Furthermore, the judge ordered the commissioner to direct all collectors and revenue authorities to comply strictly with the above-mentioned instructions given by the Court to dispose of the demands within the time limit stated by the respective GOs.

Consumer panel issues warrant against Lucknow development body

A warrant was issued against the secretary of the Lucknow Development Authority by the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission. On the other hand, it ordered the police chief to ensure the LDA officer’s order and attendance at the committee.

The matter was long pending and the Central Consumer Dispute Reconstruction Commission had not listened to it. It was also placed before the high court, which is 2018 ruled every day.

Furthermore, both written and verbal confirmation has been given to LDA officers regarding the work that has been undertaken to relieve the complainant. However, so far as LDA needs more time each time to quote one excuse or another, nothing substantive has been achieved.

Goldman Sachs to open an office in Hyderabad, second in India

Goldman Sachs, an investment banking group, has named the city as a new venue for its global shared services based in India. “The new office in Hyderabad will be the second office in India to serve Goldman Sachs Services, supplementing both the implementation and support of the Bengaluru office, to be offered to businesses worldwide,”

The new office with about 500 staff is planned to be operative in the second half of 2021. The experience of the current leadership in the Bengaluru office will be leveraged and a strong pool of competitive local talent will be invested. In its future undertakings, the government will provide full support to the company.

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