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Legal Cases #12: All Tablighi Jamaat cases of UP to be heard by CJMs in Lucknow, Meerut, Bareilly: Allahabad High Court

All Tablighi Jamaat cases of UP to be heard by CJMs in Lucknow, Meerut, Bareilly: Allahabad High Court

The High Court of Allahabad has granted the Court of Lucknow, Meerut, and Bareilly the hearing of cases filed against the Tablighi citizen’s Jamaat. In eight weeks they were also told to dispose of the cases. The Court instructed the Chief Secretary to forward the cases to the CMJ Court of 3 zones (Lucknow, Meerut, and Bareilly) in two weeks, in Tablighi Jamaat, the criminal cases of the different districts. The case can also be heard via video conferencing.

The report has been asked to the Chief Justice within 3 months following monitoring of the proceedings. Furthermore, it has been also instructed that the Court must give the Chief Secretary, District Judge, and District Magistrate copies of the order in order to comply with the order. The petition was submitted at the Supreme Court’s request.

The petition was sent to the Supreme Court because the cases and various conditions of the bail order were difficult to hear. In the cases, the Court ordered that three districts be heard by setting up a zone rather than a district.

Kangana Ranaut’s plea against BMC: Bombay High Court reserves order

The Bollywood starKangana Ranaut filed a petition against the demolition of a portion of her bungalow by the BombayMunicipal Corporation (BMC).  In response to Kangana Ranaut’s appeal against the demolition of a part of her bungalow in Mumbai by the BMC, Shiv Sena’s Chief Speaker Sanjay Raut had been ordered to reply to the actor by the Bombay High Court last month.

In its appeal to the High Court Ranaut tried to declare the demolition of her Pali Hill bungalow by the BMC as an illegal activity. She then amended her appeal to seek Rs. 2 crores for damages from the municipal authorities and their officers.

PIL in Supreme Court wants action against policemen who illegally cremated Hathras victim

The 76-year-old Chander Bhan Singh, who served as a judicial officer in the Supreme Court of India for over 25 years, said he was distressed, dismayed by the odd actions of the Uttar Pradesh State government, and sought an inquiry into the role of those involved in the treatment, insult and manipulation of the 19-year-old victim girl of Hathras. 

The petitioner submitted this appeal to the prosecuting agency to obtain the victim’s mater, father, and brother’s declaration before the judge in compliance with Section 164 CrPC. 

He also attempts to inform the agency that if the claim made by the victim’s family as stated in the media is valid then FIR against such individuals must be lodged.

The retired judicial officer demanded that the cops involved in the unlawful cremation of the victims’ girl in Hathras be strictly prosecuted.

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