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Legal Cases #15: Lalu Yadav gets bail from Jharkhand HC, Covid-19 scare, Delhi authorities will not stick posters

Lalu Yadav gets bail from Jharkhand High Court in the Chaibasa case, to stay in jail for the Dumka case

In the Chaibasa treasury case relating to the fodder fraud, former Chief Minister of Bihar and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) head, Lalu Prasad Yadav, was granted for bail by the High Court of Jharkhand. However, he is still in prison because, in the Treasury Case of Dumka, he is yet to obtain a bail. Out of four fodder scam cases, in three cases, Lalu has been granted for bails. Fourthly, in the case of the Dumka treasury, the withdrawal of Rs 3.5 crore from Dumka treasury (now in Jharkhand) in Lalu Prasad Yadav’s tenure as Chief Minister of Bihar is concerned. In March 2018 the Court convicted Lalu Prasad Yadav of 7 years under the IPC and 7 years in compliance with the PC Act and stipulated that the sentences will consecutively run up to 14 years in succession.

Covid-19 scare: Supreme Court thinks about ways to safeguard children in protection homes

A second opinion was sought by the Supreme Court on the Advice of the national commission for the protection of children’s rights (NCPCR). This problem emerges from the fear of children contracting Covid-19 in these homes. The Court sent the NCPCR a notice for a reply. A proposal was made to return children in child protection homes back to their families, in compliance with the letter provided by the NCPCR. However, since restitutions of children must be carried out on a case by case basis, the court abstained from passing general order. On 24 September, the NCPCR sent letters to the district authorities of eight states, in consultation with the Child Welfare Committees, to return the children in Child Protection Homes to their families. Many civil society organizations have protested this because they argue this breaches the Criminal Justice Act (2015).

Delhi authorities will not stick posters outside houses of COVID positive patients in isolation

The authorities have opted not to stick such a poster with the hue and cries for COVID-19 positive patients as authorities stuck posters outside their homes. According to news, the authorities said that no such posters will be posted on the walls of the COVID-19 positive patients who have been isolated at the homes. As the authorities realized late, they said this move was mainly to minimize the stigma associated with displaying these posters at the front doors. On the other hand, it has been also confirmed that in the capital 12,890 such patients in Covid-19 home isolated and this number has been increasing day by day.

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