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Property News #16: I-T department raids 26 premises of Popular Builders, Telangana for ending the power of attorney mode, 2 lakh beneficiaries in Visakhapatnam wait for allotment of flats

Ahmedabad: I-T department raids 26 premises of Popular Builders

The Department of Revenue Taxes (I-T) conducted a large search in 26 buildings belonging to popular city builders and the management team. The hunt lasted until late at night when officials inventoried the records and valuables confiscated. It was the first major IT department operation after the Covid-19 lockdown. “The PPE kits measured their temperature, and social distancing maintained under the vigilant eyes of senior officers were all the officers directly involved in the location search. I-T sleuths said they were amazed to find a large cache of documents at a ‘hidden’ apartment belonging to Bharat Patel on Satellite Lane. “The promoters may be aware of the imminent action and so not much has been retrieved from their offices. The team also confiscated the hard drives to be sent for forensic investigation. Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara officers and staff were roped in for the raids which started early in the morning at twenty premises simultaneously so that there was no time for the construction company to conceal them. The operation included a total of 27 teams of around 150 officers and staff. A few teams had been roped in to store documents from an apartment.

Telangana for ending the power of attorney mode in property registration

Telangana plans to curb the use of general powers of the attorney (GPA) and special powers of the attorney (SPA). Government sources have suggested that the Department of Registration and Stamp is working on curbing the provisions in the wake of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. A property owner shall give GPA to a person for the sale, mortgage, or lease on his or her behalf and can be withdrawn at any time. SPA shall be given to an individual, on behalf of the owner, to submit documents that are signed and completed by the owner to the sub-registrar. According to a senior official in the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) “Since amendments to the Law are cumbersome, the government plans to prohibit or discourage registration holidays, such as the ban on registrations since 7 September, as they did on executive orders.” On the other hand, ‘if the government wishes to curb misuse of GPA and SPA, the approval powers may be granted to senior officials in research and development or may include several agencies in determining the reduction of government land registration rates in compliance with Section 47(A),’

Around 2 lakh beneficiaries in Visakhapatnam wait for allotment of flats

Around two lakh beneficiaries were found to be waiting eagerly for flats or sites in the larger Visakhapatnam for urban housing. The state government is recalled to purchase land for over 25 lakh beneficiaries in the state. There were about three lakhs people in Vizag applying for housing. Some 2 lakhs have been listed as deserving recipients of this. Before that exercise, of 40,000 paid claim draughts each of Rs 25,000 for housing, 25,000 have been listed by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). The new Guidelines of the YSRCP government also recognized them as eligible. The houses already grounded will be assigned to them. As a result, a few months before last year’s elections the TDP administration decided to construct one lakh houses for the urban poor. But there have been only 25,000 houses built.

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