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Property News #18: MahaRERA, Greater Noida has Multipoint Meters, Gurugram and Faridabad rely on Gensets

MahaRERA Orders Niraj Kakad Constructions to Refund the Buyer’s Money with Compensation

A Rs 1-lakh fine was imposed by Maharashtra Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) on developer Niraj Kakad Constructions for the psychiatric abuse of the buyer of a home. Moreover, Niraj was imposed to refund Rs 1.52 crores, with 10.40% annual interest from 2014 to date.

The decision came in a complaint from senior citizen Sakhanand Tejwani, who, booked flat number 601 for his daughter Sneha’s flat-rate Rs 1.65 per cent in the Devi Kakad Solitaire project close to the Sindhi Society in Chembur. While he had paid for the flat since 2014, in June 2016 the developer signed the purchase agreement promising to deliver his possession with a clause of a 6-month grace period on or before August 30, 2017.

Adv Mahesh Kukreja appeared for complaining, submitted that only eight slabs of 15 had been completed, and work stopped due to technical difficulties and a failure to receive further permits by the municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai when his clients approached the developer for possession in September 2017. While the developers pledged to take possession of the property, they discovered that the landowners in charge of this renovation project concluded the development contract for 2013 with the developer and the arbitration procedure. The developer did not meet Tejwanis’ request for money, so they approached MahaRERA in 2019.

Advocate Mohini Thorat, appearing on Niraj Kakad Constructions, argued that the complaint is dismissed because MahaRERA extended the time limits of the completion until 26 June 2020. She argued that on 26 April 2019 the arbitrary ruling had been released and that it had been appealed by the developer. She said that on 1 December 2016 her customer couldn’t complete the project because the production agreement was unlawfully terminated. She further submitted that because of demonetization, the imposition of GST, and a global decline in the real estate market, the project has been delayed.

NPCL says only 20 Societies in Noida, Greater Noida have Multipoint Meters

Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) officers stated that only 13 apartments in Noida and Greater Noida had multi-point meters installed, as most other housing companies have still had to respond to residents. There are still 80 companies to be converted into a multi-meter system.

Of the 13, one-point meters were converted into multipoint meters in eight societies. The authorities said almost 20 apartments did not convert to the multi-point system.

The main advantage of switching to the multi-point meter in apartments is the electrical charge centered on a panel. It has been seen that the residents are currently paying Rs 7 for their one-point meter at a flat rate per unit. In the method, NPCL simplifies the process of implementation on its website. Up to that point, consumers can download the forms, drop them at the facility office, and collect the entire bulk through NPCL.

Over 80 societies in Gurugram & Faridabad rely on Gensets, EPCA told

The state-owned power supply has told the EPCA (Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Authority) through a survey report, 82 housing companies in Gurugram and Faridabad are dependent on diesel power generation sets for electricity. The revelation comes just four days before the GRAP enters the NCR. It will ban the use of DG sets except for emergencies, such as hospitals and schools.

EPCA will take the final call for the fate of people residing in these 82 societies. “This will determine the status and decide accordingly.”

EPCA President Bhure Lal ordered Haryana, Delhi, UP, and Rajasthan Pollution Departments to impose GRAP by 15 October on 8 October. In Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, and Greater Noida, the use of diesel gensets was prohibited except for emergency purposes.

The Haryana and UP power utilities tried to provide the grid with seamless electricity by the winter of 2020 to prevent the need for diesel gensets when a similar plan was introduced. Although developers have not yet met any requirements to make powerful connections to their projects, in some cases, the disputes have not been able to deliver seamless supply.

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