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Property News #19: Anand Vihar residents allege builder, BAI approaches Maharashtra CM, Genset ban to leave 700 families

Ahmedabad: Anand Vihar residents allege builder tried to redevelop flats without consent

Anand Vihar apartment residents submitted an unsuspecting report to the satellite police, claiming that a developer had attempted to demolish their property for redevelopment. It is also reported that GHB helped to bring pressure on residents to leave their homes in the real estate group.

Anand Vihar apartment was built by GHB around 30 years ago as a 132-unit low income (LIG) scheme. 

The structure consists of 11 blocks and is 5,100 square yards close to the BRTS corridor.

In order to apply for social growth, the former chairman of the company forged our signatures. It was told that the GHB of their advertising for the tendering in the newspaper. However, the board went forward and issued an appointment for the redevelopment work won by Siddhi Developers.

However, the Satellite Police visited the company on Friday and spoke to the people.

BAI approaches Maharashtra CM to support Mumbai slum, cess buildings redevelopment

With the plan to enter the city in renovations of 14,250 abandoned buildings and 1,500 slum rehabilitation projects, the Builders Association of India (building association of India), which included more than 20,000 construction firms, has approached the Maharashtra government.

Through supplying contractors for the execution of the programmes, the body has increased its willingness to support the government and its agencies. 

BAI claimed that if the plan was approved by the government, slumbering and decapited buildings could be accessible to the government in an official letter to the Chief Minister and Housing Minister of Maharashtra.

“BAI does not request any monitor benefit or improvements to the Development Control Law when doing this. Government agencies are free to sell and produce income for the housing inventory generated from sealable components. Thus, these projects will help all stakeholders, such as tenants, owners, citizens, and the government.

In the light of the development control rule 33(10), the President of BAI’s Housing and RERA Committee, Anand Gupta, states 1,500 slum projects are comprising 14 slum units with 60 lakh residents in Mumbai. There are 14 lakh slum units. For several reasons, reform has been stuck in limbo and a substantial loss of trust in the existing system among slum residents.

Noida: Genset ban to leave 700 families in Logix Blossom & Zest marooned

The candles and the battery lights were supplied to residents of two highrise cities in the direction of the Environmental Pollution (EPCA) Authority to prohibit diesel gasoline gensets.

The Logix Blossom and Zest companies have been working on gensets for the past three years as the developer still needs to have an energy link for the approximately 700 families residing in both societies. The people are desperate because their electricity needs and not just basic services are served by gensets.

It came into force as part of the GRAP in order to curb air pollution.

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