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Legal Cases #20: Baba Ramdev’s yoga act, Supreme Court throws out a plea, Judges’ association, SCBA

Baba Ramdev’s yoga act on elephant draws lawyers’ notice, saying it was an act of cruelty to the animal

A notice from lawyers was issued to the yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the director of the Elephant Rescue Center Churmura (Mathura) for the cruelty against an elephant, in which the Baaba tried his yoga role.

While the Baba fell and was apparently injured, it was notified for the well- being of the elephant.

The lawyers said that millions of people follow the yoga practices of the Pantjali Yoga Peeth ‘s founder Ramdev. By doing yoga on a creature put as the emblem of speech and faith, the guru has violated the Wildlife Protection Act.

The government bans the use and exhibition for commercial purposes of organisms/animals in the unique (and exploitative) category. Furthermore, a penalty and the infringement is fined. On the other hand, it was also found that the Elephant Rescue Center Churmura director did not perform his duties as well. Hence, it was stated as animal cruelty that encourages a dangerous message for animals and culture.

It has been also warned that in case of no proper response is obtained within seven days, legal action will be taken.

Supreme Court throws out plea seeking removal of Uddhav Thackery government and imposition of President’s rule in Maharashtra

A petition to expel Uddhav Thakeray, Chief Minister of the state from the Maharashtra regime, was rejected by the Supreme Court.

The petition submitted by Vikram Gehlot, Rishab Jain, and Gautam Sharma argued that political parties in power were misusing the State machinery not only to shield criminals but also to promote illegal activity that criminals regularly committed. It claimed that the state’s affairs do not adhere to the law on citizens’ welfare and honestly and genuinely to the welfare of the citizens.

Judges’ association, SCBA come out in support of sitting judge of Supreme Court, blast Andhra CM’s letter

A letter sent to the Chief Justice of India by Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy dated 6 October 2020 have all been condemned by the Indian Judges Association (AIJA) and the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), which made serious allegations against a judge of the High Court.

“This act of political leadership lacks in propriety and does not comply with the highest office of the constitutional officer concerned,” the AIJA declared in its resolution condemning the letter.

On the other hand, the SCBA said that such acts by constitutional officials were against conventions that would seriously hinder the independence of the judiciary under the Constitution of India. The letter was published in the public domain.

On 6 October, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy accused a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of seeking to destabilise and overthrow the state’s YSR Congress Government in an eight-page letter. On the same note, he wrote to the Chief Justice of India.

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