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Property News #23: Fire NOC checking, Illegal construction rampant, 2BHK houses in Hyderabad

Fire NOC checking drive soon, government tells Gujarat HC

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation said Monday to the Gujarat high court that it will ensure almost 70 per cent of city buildings receive NOCs in a fire shortly and that the fire controls for fire protection equipment will be relevant shortly. 

At the hearing of a PIL filed by petitioner lawyer Amit Panchal, the question of empty posts and buildings without fire NOCs was raised by the petitioner.

He noted from the government action report that 27 322 buildings in Ahmedabad no longer have a valid NOC fire, of which as many as 18,912 buildings have been built. He also reported that with the Diwali Festival falling a few days later, the situation got worse. 

The HC directed the government to push the issue before the high court over and over for more than two decades.

The Court adjourned the hearing for over one month and sought more measures to develop material facilities and human resources to resolve the problem of fire protection from the government authorities.

Gurugram: Illegal construction rampant, residents of DLF-2 and 3 go to DTCP

The DLF-2 and 3 residents have approached the City and Country Planning Department (DTCP) to take action in the area from some landlords against rampant illegal building in violation of construction standards.

DTCP complained about the police and recommendation of an FIR against Gupta, his building architect, and structural engineer because a neighbour was injured in September last year, for breaching building codes, three days after the parapet wall on the roof of the Gupta building.

According to the department’s complaint, the parapet wall on the terrace of the house, which should be 9 “thick, was just 4 inches in width and structurally failed?

Many similar complaints overwhelmed the Department in the two DLF colonies where unauthorised building damages adjoining buildings or threats to the structures of the buildings.

Telangana urban development minister inaugurates 1,152 2BHK houses in Hyderabad

Municipal and Urban Development Minister K. T. Rama Rao inaugurated 1,152 homes constructed under 2BHK for decent housing for the poor in Hyderabad under the State Government.

Over 1,000 double bedroom houses designed for the poor by the Telangana government under the 2BHK system were opened. The building, which he claimed was a one-of-a-kind initiative to provide housing for the poor, was built in three places in the city for Rs 95.58 crore in the region.

It was in the midst of a bitter war among rulings and opposition parties that the opening of homes took place before the election of a Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

 Each house has a surface area of 560 sq. feet and has two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. 

The house design meets the needs of the urban family and has excellent community facilities, such as roads, rivers, water supply, the community centre, and the shopping centre.

The minister has stated that 632 houses were constructed in five locations by the government and given to recipients. It has also been said that the buildings would be completed by September next year and that construction work was postponed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it has been claimed that by December of this year in 88 places, 74,447 houses will be built.

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