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Legal Cases #27: Himachal High Court asks govt, Maoist leader allowed controlled use of the Internet, Bail to Shirish Pattanshetty

Himachal High Court asks govt to give a job to married daughter of the deceased employee

The Higher Court of Himacha l Pradesh has instructed the government to nominate the married daughter of a deceased worker for humanitarian reasons. 

This order was given during acceptance of the petition of applicant Mamta Devi at the Sureshwar Thakur and Chander Bhusan Barowalia division bench.

The court made clear in its order that, if the applicant meets other compassionate conditions for obtaining a job, its application should not be refused based on its married daughter. The applicant said that on 8 May 2019 her father died. He worked as a Class IV staff member at the Kullu Ayurvedic District office.

In addition to her, her mother and sister were dependent on her deceased father according to the applicant. No male in her house is present to care for her mother. As her mother and sister could not do the work, the nominee found a job of compassion. But her application was denied because married daughters were not eligible for compassionate work under the scheme. The petitioner questioned the government policy at the High Court and found it discriminatory on the grounds of gender.

In its decision, the Court made it clear that the government does not discriminate based on sex. The bench held that married women were also qualified for nomination for compassionate purposes; in particular, if no male members in the dependent family are eligible.

Jailed Maoist leader allowed controlled use of the Internet in jail to prepare for his cases

In 39 cases, Imprisoned Maoist Leader Roopesh has been permitted to use the Internet for 45 minutes a week to access the Supreme Court and the High Courts’ official websites as well as many judicial journals to carry on his trial.

To gather legal material such as rulings by the constitutional courts and different laws, the activist required restricted and indirect access to the internet. He submitted that most of the cases he had been prosecuted against had matured, and access to rulings and different regulatory requirements was indispensable.

He argued to the court that, although he was in control, he was an under-trial inmate and had a right to access the internet. He argued that he should not be refused such facilities. 

He further argued that under Article 19 of the Constitution, accepted by the Supreme Court, the right to the internet was made a fundamental right.

The additional sitting of the judges partially allowed the application and instructed the Central Prison Superintendent, Viyyur, to place the device the petitioner would access so that the screen in front of a CCTV camera could not be misused.

Mumbai court grants bail to Shirish Pattanshetty, owner of the Fakt Marathi channel in fake TRP case

In the alleged false TRP case, the Mumbai Court bailed Shirish Pattanshetty, owner of the Marathi Fakt channel. Judge PR Site granted Pattanshetty bail on a Rs 50,000 bond in the Bombay Additional Sessions.

At the court, Aniket Nikam, the lawyer of Pattanshetty, argued that the TRP had not been abused by his client nor the Marathi networks had been growing. He said that the channel’s revenues did not grow during this time as well.

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) had complained to the Mumbai police through the Hansa Research Group that some channels manipulated the TRP to attract advertisers. They were expected to watch the respective channels for people with measurements built to gather visual figures. The names of Fakt Marathi, Box Cinema, and Republic TV were listed in this instance. In the case of false TRPs, so far 11 individuals were arrested.

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