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Property News #27: Lal Dora get property cards, Lal Dora-free, Illegal colonies in Haryana

Five villagers in Panchkula district with land under Lal Dora get property cards

The administration of Panchkula began the process of registering villagers whose land in Lal Dora was used. Drone mapping is used by the administration to do this.

Gian Chand Gupta, Speaker of the Haryana Assembly, opened the central government’s Svamitva system. He said there was no paper on ownership of people living in the Lal Dora district. Now the owner of the property has been rendered with drone mapping. You can also start a company by taking a bank loan.

 In addition, other people had invaded their lands, which led to quarrels because of the lack of registry in the villages. Officials said the government took successful measures to empower the institutions of the Panchayati Raj. The Panchayats record is now available online.

Eleven villages in Gurugram district become Lal Dora-free

Eleven towns in Gurugram, Haryana District were declared “Lal Dora-free” because the Survey of India team there had completed a survey on Friday. 

A pilot project on a land ownership plan in Gurugram district, via drones, began the survey and mapping of 49 villages in Sun Tehsil in the second round.

 Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri provided this data during a Chandigarh-based videoconference to review the drone survey work undertaken to free Lal Dora district villages. 

The Lal Dora system notes that ownership of land depends on mutual understanding between buyers and sellers. There’s no record of ownership of land under such a scheme in government documents that prohibit landowners from raising loans.

In 1908 it was initiated under the UK law, in which red lines were drawn on maps to mark the borders of non-agricultural and agricultural land for the purpose of recording incomes.

DTCP to recover demolition cost from builders of illegal colonies in Haryana

The Town and Country Planning Department (DTCP) will now recover from its developers and land dealers the cost of demolitions of illegal colonies. The Department will send recovery messages to developers of illegal colonies, which were demolished by the DTCP in recent years.

The costs include spending on JCB equipment as well as on the day’s salaries of police and DTCP officials engaged in the demolition process. 

The department estimates the costs incurring over the last three years for the demolition of the various colonies and issues notices to each developer.

In addition, in the last three years, the Department is planning a list of sealing tests to include the recovery reports.

In addition, after securing occupation certificates and unauthorized guesthouses working from residential areas, the demolition of the illegal colonies sealed several buildings for illegally built construction.

Furthermore, after acquiring an occupation license and unlawfully running guest houses from residential zones, the demolition of unauthorized colonies sealed many building unlawful constructions.

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