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Property News #29: Shop owners move Bombay HC, RERA appellate tribunal, Work of 14 years being undone

Four shop owners move Bombay HC to shut, seal Central Mall

Four storeowners have moved the high court of Bombay to “close and seal” the central Mumbai Orchid City Centre, where a fire raged last month until they were restored under a 2006 sanctioned occupation plan and with the installation of proper safety measures.

In a pending petition they submitted in 2018, they asked BMC and the chief fire officer to take urgent action to avoid fire and demolish illegal structures and warned of the possibility that failure to do so would cause the death, death, and loss of life and the limbs of several thousand people in the Orchid Enclave mall.

Several questions were raised in the plea such as why it was permitted to unlawfully build several hundred shops, and why BMC allowed developers to build unlawful stores on more than 15,000 metres of FSI land free of charge.

Among the provisional relieves that is demanded is to order the BMC and the Chief Fire Officer, “to designate a separate architect or any other person suitable and eligible as a Court Commissioner,” to visit the mall and deliver their report to the Court. It was also seeking action on the public officers, managers, and officers, who are liable, directly and indirectly for the fire of Future Markets Networks Ltd and Neel Kamal City Shopping Mall India Ltd.

The problem will be possibly heard after Diwali’s holidays.

Retired Gujarat HC judge is appointed as RERA appellate tribunal’s chairman

The government of Gujarat appointed a retired judge to appeal from the high court, Justice R D Kothari. The developers of real estate demanded the training of the tribunal, as some of their RERA-rejected cases had been pending since it was created.

The government also elected government official Mehul Gandhi to the court of the RERA and the technical/administrative member Ajay Das Mehrotra. The President and the member are set for five years.

A Court of Appeals is provided for under the RERA Act. The State government had not named anybody to head the court, however after the adoption of the RERA Act in Gujarat. The court will hear all allegations presented against the RERA, as per government order.

Delhi: Work of 14 years being undone, says the sealing panel

The three-member supervisory body, which was formed by the Supreme Court in 2006 to control illegal constructions and misuse in the City, has submitted a report which sets out to raise an alarm about de-sealing drives and a ‘free for all’ environment for violations of the Building Law and Regulations.

The Committee expressed its serious concern with the 10-page study regarding its “stopping” work following the Supreme Court’s decision in August that its competence does not apply to residential properties. All steps to restore the public’s confidence in the rule of law are now gone and Delhi was back in the days before 2006 when “absolute compliance with the regulations was a matter of fact,” he added. The committee claimed that all these regulations are perpetuated with impunity as a “mere bystander.” It was clarified that the Committee had been named to oversee the law enforcement and the screening of offending premises by the Supreme Court on 24 March 2006. Since then, 168 reports have been submitted to the Court.

The report clarified the reasons underlying its Mehrauli action, which gave the order in August from the Supreme Court.

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