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Legal Cases #31: J&K to continue with 2G speed, Virtual court enrage, HC finds Facebook post ‘disharmonious’

18 districts in J&K to continue with 2G speed till Nov 26, says govt, citing security concerns

The Jammu and Kashmir government Home Departments have given an order for 2 G speed Internet to be continued in the valley until 26 November. 

It was ordered by fear of high-speed Internet misuse to interrupt the district council creation and panchayat polls. 

Home Department Chief Secretary Shaleen Kabra has reported that high-speed data services are to continue in Ganderbal and Udhampur districts, except for a few exclusions from this order.

“The newly declared 280 local government/district councils and the by-elections of the more than 13,400 PRI/ULB vacancies spread over the UT Jammu and Kashmir have shown a high degree of public interest, and it is understandable that terrorists and separatist forces will do everything possible to impede the liberalization of the region.

Lawyer clicking photos of virtual court enrage Delhi High Court judge

Justice Hima Kohli from the Delhi High Court struck a lawyer, who 

took pictures of the proceeding of a virtual court case.

The judge stated that how can someone take photographs in a virtual court without any permission. Neither the senior lawyer nor his junior can take photographs as the rule has been made for everyone

As Mehra apologized, the judge said that the apology will not be accepted. 

Even as the lawyer kept on apologizing the judge said it was a breach of court proceedings and refused to accept it and informed him of issuing a show-cause notice to him. For the petitioner Advocate, Sandeep Mittal requested that Udit Mehra is a briefing counsel and because of him, his clients should not suffer. However, this plea was also denied by the judge. Then, softening down a bit, the judge stated that on the eve of the festival the mistake made by the advocate has been considered and forgiven. On the other hand, the judge also informed the Bar Association that such kind of mistakes won’t be considered in further future.”

Meghalaya High Court finds Facebook post ‘disharmonious’, rejects journalist’s plea to quash criminal proceedings

The High Court in Meghalaya declined to quash a criminal case against a journalist Patricia Mukhim from Shilong for her four-month-old Facebook posting condemning a group of masked men who allegedly came from the tribal community to assault five non-tribal young people. 

The court dismissed its appeal because this situation apparently seeks to encourage disharmony between two cultures or feelings of enmity, dislike, or malice.” Meanwhile the court also considered this post as “disharmonious.” 

It was stated by Mukhim who is a Padma Shri awardee and The Shillong Times’ publisher that she will challenge the decision in the Supreme Court as quickly as possible as she “opened” the question of a “continued” assault on Non-Trial Societies within the state in her article.

After reviewing the Facebook post, the high court declared that in the post an effort has been made to equate tribal and non-tribal with their rights and protection and to allegedly balance one group against another.

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Bengali Legal Cases#31 । 2g speed till 26 Nov । Virtual Court enrages । HC finds FB posts

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