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Legal Cases #32: Justice UU Lalit recuses himself, Disrespecting the high court’s order, Plea against Andhra CM

Justice UU Lalit recuses himself from hearing contempt plea against Andhra CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy

Justice UU Lalit, a judge of the Supreme Court declined to hear the case of contempt brought against Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy and his government on challenging and making allegations against High Court and Apex Court judges.

The petition for contempt of court proceedings against Andhra CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy was filed by Sunil Kumar Singh, GS Mani, and Anti-Corruption Council of India Trust on his negative remarks statements and allegations against the Supreme Court’s the High Court’s sitting judges.

Furthermore, in the petitions, it was argued that without any grounds or proof making charges against sitting judges is contempt of courts. It was sought by Sunil Kumar Singh that YS Jaganmohan Reddy should obtain a note of the reasons why no action should be taken against him.

Rajasthan High Court asks authorities to take action against a magistrate for disrespecting the high court’s order

An order was given to the Registrar of Vigilance by the High Court of Rajasthan to bring action against a judge who had summoned accused petitioners in a case, even though they were already given anticipatory bail by the High Court.

Moreover, FIRs were registered under different categories, including cheating, against Nanuram Saini and Vinod Kumar. In this case, in 2003, the accused was granted protective bail by the high court. The judge released an arrest warrant against both in September, acknowledging this year’s case in question.

 After the arrest warrant was filed, an appeal was lodged before the judge by the petitioner’s lawyers. On the other hand, it said the high court granted the accused anticipatory bail. In compliance with Article 70(2) of the CrPC, the petition demanded that the judge turn this arrest warrant into a bailable warrant.

 Moreover, the court quashed the Order of 3 September 2020, in light of the law established by the Supreme Court, stating that the petitioners are considered as enforceable of all benefits provided under this anticipatory bail, and they are to be brought before the tribunal without any final bail bonds being submitted.”

Supreme Court tomorrow will hear plea against Andhra CM Jaganmohan Reddy for his allegation on the top judiciary

Justice UU Lalit’s Supreme Court bench heard GS Mani & Anr’s complaint. After a letter was sent to the CJI, against Andhra CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy for making allegations against Supreme Court and the High Court judges, and the contents of a media letter were published. Reddy accused Ramana of interfering in legal matters to protect the interests of N. Naidu Chandrababu, chairman of the Telugu Desam Party 

On 10 October, the letter was made public when Chief Minister’s advisor Ajeya Kallam told the media and declined to answer any questions.

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