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Property News #33: Tidco houses, Unauthorised structures in Visakhapatnam, DTCP seals two illegal buildings

Andhra Pradesh: Tidco houses allotment to be completed by December 20

The State Government has prepared a proposal to distribute the houses designed by Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation (Tidco) following a dilly-dallying for almost two years.

District collectors and city commissioners are ordered by the government to complete the allocation until 20 December.

“Coordinating with the banks to finalise the connection was asked of Municipal Commissioners and Officials of Mission for the Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (Mepma),” claimed the municipal administration minister Botcha Satyanarayana.

In the TDP regime in urban areas, Tidco began the construction of nearly five G+3 lakh homes.

The then government decided to give the housing units before the general elections, but it was unable to do so because most systems were not done before the election notice had been given.

Unauthorised structures in Visakhapatnam under civic body lens

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Visakhapatnam (GVMC), in Vizag City, has transferred its attention to unauthorised structures. In recent days the municipality has demolished several structures, mysterious floors, sheds, and staircases. 

Several hundred illegal structures in the city were found by the GVMI survey. Recently the GVMC handed 11 city plan officers, who supposedly struggled to efficiently perform their duties, over to the city and country management to streamline the company’s urban planning activities.

On the other hand, several constructors and people often violate the authorised plans and choose to develop more floors or penthouses without authorisation.   

Many Vizagites relate to the building penalization scheme (BPS) the impetus in illegal insights into complex or structures, whereby their constructions may be regularised in the next several years.

 In 2007-08, when the same scheme was first implemented, some 23,000 applications were made in Vizag city. In approximately Rs 83 crore, the GVMC had put about 18,000 requests following denial of certain applications. In 2015, the scheme was resumed. In May 2015, the GVMC launched the request inviting procedure and drew 13,286 requests in compliance with the scheme before its end on 31 January 2016.

Gurugram: DTCP seals two illegal buildings in DLF areas, Suncity

Over 15 stores have been demolished and two residential buildings and six unlawful stores in DLF-2, DLF-5, and Suncity were sealed by the city and rural planning (DTCP) department wing. 

District City Planner said last week after DLF-2 residents complained about the invasion, the enforcement team visited the area. The officials had also videoed the area to keep the violations registered.

Residents of those areas complain to DTCP of illegal dhabas in the city, which not only break construction standards and cause traffic problems but also raise safety and safety issues. The Department previously provided notices to the owners of this house, but the business activities were not stopped.  The DLF-5, Westend Heights, was also sealed by the compliance team on the same day by three unauthorised shops. “These shops worked in a fire and electric shaft area, in the complex’s stilt area,” “

After obtaining DTCP occupational certifications the DTCP visited the township of Suncity where the residents alleged that property owners had built illegal property. Besides accommodation, three shops were sealed in Suncity by the compliance squad.

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