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Legal Cases #34: OBE results declaration, Private Car not a Personal Zone, Kerala to move SC

Delhi High Court directs Delhi University to give details of OBE results declaration course wise

The High Court of Delhi instructed the University of Delhi to provide information on the programs for which the Open Book Examination (OBE) results were announced and to notify the university when the pending programs were released as exams were carried out in August.

The petition was initially submitted in response to the decision by Varsity to hold online OBE for the last year’s undergraduate courses undergoing long-standing exams following the UGC guidelines.

The high court heard the concerns of many students that the results of their final examinations in August were not yet started and that they were not eligible to take higher education.

A High Court division bench had previously ordered the university, by 31 October, to announce all graduate courses and to download leaflets on its website. 

The reporting date of student results also had various deadlines set between 20 and 31 October with a buffer of up to three days from the fixed date. The results should be announced on 6 November for BA courses.

Private Car not a Personal Zone, Mask is a must: Govt submits in High Court

The Delhi Govt declared in the Delhi High Court that a private vehicle would be a public place and not a personal area and therefore any person traveling in a private or official vehicle had “compulsorily” to wear a mask. 

At the hearing of a petition made by one lawyer, Mr. Justice Navin Chawla, who opposed him by not using a mask while driving alone in his private car, the Rs500 challan was released.

In a statement submitted by lawyer Devesh Singh, the additional Delhi Govt’s standing counsel, the Court claimed that It is true that the personal car cannot be accessed by the public in a matter of law but that the public has the opportunities to reach the private car on a public road.”

In its appeal, Sharma tried to quass the challan and asked to repay the Rs 500 charged for the mental abuse alleged to him as fine, and compensation for Rs 10 lakh. 

In its plea, Sharma argued that the officers who gave him the challan could not issue an executive order specifying that the wearing of masks was compulsory when riding alone in a private vehicle.

The Court cited another two related pleas by Aditya Kaushik & Deepak Agarwal. On January 7, the cases will be heard jointly.

The high Fee structure in self-financing Medical Colleges, Kerala to move SC

To challenge the high-fare structure formed by self-financing medical universities, the Government of Kerala decided to approach the Apex Tribunal.

This fee was set by the Fee Control Committee between Rs 6.32 and Rs 7. 65 lakh for MBBS courses for the academic year in separate self-financing schools. However, some medical schools self-fund more than Rs 20 lakh are paid. In the meantime, the government is taking the exorbitant expense of making it impossible for students to study higher education, as per the Health Department. 

Earlier, the Keralan High Court instructed students to re-assess the fee structure set by the fee regulation panel and requested students to be told that the highest fee requested by university managers would have to be charged.

The HC claimed that the fee this year will be dependent on the Court’s final decision or some other competent Court. The students can pay that amount if there is a rise in tuition. Notice on this matter was sought from the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations.

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