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Property News #35: Taxpayers Yet to Pay Dues, 700 Unsafe Buildings, Furniture Park on 300 acres

Chandigarh: Just 10% of Property Taxpayers Yet to Pay Dues

As the city earns Rs 46 crore on both commercial and residential land, approximately 90 percent of taxpayers have paid their duties under both categories. 

This move is very significant because the municipal corporation (MC) undergoes a financial crisis using its revenue sources to fulfill monthly committed commitments, such as salaries and wages.

17,000 property owners out of 26,000 paid their property taxes in different ways, according to city records. More than 90,000 payments and associated dues were made out of about 1 lakh residential properties. The tax division has also resolved several conflicts surrounding property tax and earned the outstanding sum of property for several years.

In addition to depositing taxes in e-Sampark centres, there are also online payments. “Since the real estate tax document that outlines is mostly computer-controlled and the file is compiled in each case, there are no future dangers for tax payers,

Trichy Civic Body Issues Notice to Owners of Over 700 Unsafe Buildings

739 buildings have been listed as dangerous buildings by Trichy Corporation and advised the owners to vacate or reinforce the buildings to prevent accidents that result in casualties. 

In a recent survey on commercial and residential buildings, the number of unsafe structures was listed. In 2018-19, all 65 stations received 398 hazardous structures and in 2019-2020 they increased to 510.

Another indication of collapse is the rainwater seepage through cracks in houses. Old homes in places such as Woraiyur, Rockfort, and Srirangam that share a sidewall were asked to regularly inspect stability because the weakness of a building would also affect adjacent structures. 

Since floods and heavy rain affect the carrying ability of the soil, the monsoon is considered to be the worst time of construction collapse. Experts said some moderate and intermediate stability variations can be economically restored.

People do not know the gravity of fragile systems because they do not want to leave. 73 police complaints have been logged to help police departments evacuate them from the facilities,

If consolidated, buildings should be approved to exclude their property names from the list of secure buildings by qualified bodies.

YEIDA to Build Furniture Park on 300 acres in Sectors 28 and 29

A 300acres furniture park is to be built on sectors 28 and 29 by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA). Officials said the total area will be allocated 4,000 square metres by lot drawing. In January of the next year, 15 companies have shown interest in the scheme. 

The park will also be furnished with old stuff and will potentially bring sales together.

A furniture park near the airport of Jewar will certainly improve exports and aid Indian wood products manufacturing, which includes not only bedding, couches, table, and closets, but also decorative items such as sculptures, frames, and figures;

YEIDA has already unveiled plans for toys, clothes, and an MSME park, which will build employment for local youth. The owners will have to start manufacturing after five years from the date of their allocation because plots have been distributed for these parks.

The furniture park will divide 4,000 m2 into parcels and distribute them by lot drawing. “These two sectors have 150 acres each, adding that the rate of the industrial sector’s up to 4,000 sqm of land is Rs 6,670 per sqm.

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