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Kolkata: Salt Lake Landlords are Requested to Submit Tenants’ Details by the Bidhannagar Police Department

On 27th June 2021, the Bidhannagar City Police have urged the homeowners of the Salt Lake area to come forward and submit their tenants’ and paying guests’ details to ensure the security of the landlords and their families. In the meeting held at the BJ Block community hall on the same day, the cops discussed several security issues with the representatives of nine block committees of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC). Krishna Chakraborty, the Chairperson of the BMC board of administrators were also present in the meeting.

In that meeting held at Mrs.Chakraborty’s own ward (29), she assured that other wards in Salt Lake will also arrange such meetings pretty soon. She said, “there are several houses where elderly people live alone. So, there should be a robust security arrangement for them. There is a need to check who are coming and living in the guest houses and we are urging the residents to submit the Aadhaar card and other related documents of the tenants and paying guests with the police and BMC”.

Citing the recent Sukhobrishti shootout case, the Bidhannagar cops admitted that the resident welfare associations were guilty of some security lapses. Bidhannagar Police Commissioner Supratim Sarkar said in that meeting, “we are sending forms and requesting residents to submit with us the detail information about the tenants and paying guests. To identify a suspected criminal, we need proper information. This will not be possible for us without the cooperation of the residents”. The BMC authorities further added that there are some shady guest houses in the Salt Lake area which are operating without a trade license.

The representatives of nine block committees reportedly said that no necessary actions have been taken against the increasing cases of guest house menace to keep a check on the rented premises of Salt Lake. The recent raid at a CL block guest house regarding the Sukhobrishti case in New Town, created a wave of panic among the residents of Salt Lake. One such resident recommended, “the administration needs to check and have strict vigilance on every guest house. If the guest house is not commercial or does not have valid documents, it should be shut.”

Those who attended that meeting also discussed about keeping a tab on the parks of the neighbourhood to prevent anti-social activities. CK-CL block committee Assistant Secretary Dipankar Mitra said, “apart from the guest houses, another concern is illegal parking. Since the Sector V Metro station is set to be one of the busiest stations in the near future, there should be a permanent police kiosk for the help and safety of the residents of DL, CL and BL blocks.”

The landlords of the Salt Lake area can submit their tenants’ detailsonline or visit the Bidhannagar Police Station to do it manually. In case you are a landlord of West Bengal and Kolkata, and you are aware of any suspicious behaviour of your tenant, do not hesitate to go to the local police station and seek assistance from an experienced property lawyer. Also, it is important to note that at the time of renting out your property to a tenant you must verify all the integral identification documents very carefully. In order to get a better guidance in that matter, contact here or email with your queries.

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