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Ghaziabad civic physique plans to difficulty special IDs for all residences

Soon, every property in Ghaziabad may additionally have a special ID. The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) plans to problem a 17-digit identification wide variety to every plot of land in the city, inclusive of residential and commercial.

The special wide variety will denote the location and different records of the place the property is based. There are an estimated 5 lakh houses in Ghaziabad.

Officials stated the goal is to assist the civic physique to compute property taxes in a greater particular manner, which differs from region to area, and will also assist proprietors to locate out taxes pending on their land at a click on of a button. In the lengthy run, this will assist the GMC to realize most revenues in the shape of property tax.

“The current tax computation employed by using the GMC is ancient and outdated and desires a revamp. So, underneath this programme, we will rapidly be introducing a software program through the title of property tax administration intending to maximise property tax revenues,” Mahendra Singh Tanwar, municipal commissioner, advised TOI.

The gadget would entail a special ID code. The first two digits of the identification code will denote the state, accompanied by way of a two-digit district code, whilst the 1/3 set of two-digit code will disclose the municipality name, the region will be denoted subsequent and the last will divulge the area.

“The quantity will be superimposed on the city’s map and a single click on on any property will exhibit the details,” the civic physique chief said.

“Properties — residential or industrial — have unique tax slabs, with the charge of business homes being 4 instances that of residential. There is a tendency on the phase of many customers to listing business homes underneath residential, which outcomes in loss of income to the GMC. This device guarantees to stop this anomaly,” stated Tanwar.

The civic physique levies tax on its 3.30 lakh properties, however, officers agree within actuality there are 5 lakh properties.

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