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Government Order on a brief rebate of two (two) percentage in the prevailing stamp-duty fee for numerous classes of files

The State is passing thru a financial slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic scenario inflicting serious difficulties to the registrant public is commonplace and additionally to the Real Estate Sector.

As a phase of the numerous measures taken to fight the slowdown situation, the State Government has determined to supply a transient rebate of 2% (two per cent) in the prevailing stamp-duty fee for countless classes of files which are charged beneath Article 23 (Conveyance) of Schedule IA of Indian Stamp Act, 1899, without the files of “Amalgamation of contiguous land”, thru the West Bengal Finance Act, 2021.

Also, as an extra aid measure, the State Government has determined to minimize quickly the prevailing Circle Rate/I GR Rate of all immovable residences located inside the country of West Bengal, through 10% (ten per cent).

Now, the Governor, in the pastime of public service, is thrilled to supply impact to the above-stated advantages for the archives which are performed and registered inside the duration from ninth July 2021 to thirtieth October 2021. 

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