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Introduction of 10-digit Query Number

In e-Nathikaran machine of registration, every e-Assessment Query Slip is currently linked to the registration workplace chosen at the time of records entry & finalization of question and each and every e-Payment made for registration is linked to an e-Assessment Query Slip.

Due to prevailing such linkage of e-Assessment Query Slip with the specific registration workplace the registrant humans are compelled to register the deed in the precise registration workplace solely and are now not allowed to register the deed in any different registration workplace having authority and strength to register the deed in query with the identical e-Assessment Query Slip and e-Payment, even when registration ought to now not be carried out at the specific registration workplace due to hyperlink failure or any different issue.

Due to such restrict and compulsion imposed in the e-Nathikaran gadget at present, the registrant human beings are going through situation in registering their deed on the day of their choice in many instances and induces lengthen in registration too;

In order to take away such subject and additionally to make the registration system less complicated and simple, the following adjustments will be carried out in e-Nathikaran gadget from the 18th day of March, 2020 to enable the registrant public to register a deed at any of the involved registration workplaces with an e-Assessment Query Slip with in its validity period:

1. e-Assessment Query Slip will be generated in e-Nathikaran except linking the equal to any precise registration office.

2. A 10-digit special quantity will be dispensed to every e-Assessment Query Slip in vicinity of 14-digit variety disbursed now. The 10 digits will consist of kind of question in the first digit and consecutive serial numbers in relaxation 9 digits. Type of question and the respective first digit will be as below:

First DigitType of Query
2Web Query i.e generated on
3Office Query i.e generated on
4Backlog Query
5Legacy Query
6DPA Query
7Migrated Query
8Related Query
9Query for duplicate deed

3. e-Assessment Query Slip will be linked to the specific registration workplace the place it is produced for registration of respective deed and that additionally at the time of presentation of deed with respective e-Assessment Query Slip in e-Nathikaran. It is to be referred to right here that in case any e-Assessment Query Slip is established in any registration workplace prior to presentation for registration, the data of prior verification of the specific e-Assessment Query Slip through registering officer(s) will be made on hand to the registering officer accepting /doing in addition verification at the time of presentation, in addition for his knowledge.

4. e-Payment will stay linked with e-Assessment Query Slip as it is linked now. In the current procedure, as GRIPS is accepting 14-digit question only, 4 dummy zeroes will be delivered in­front of the 10-digit assigned to any e-assessment Query Slip to suit with the GRIPS system. In due route of time as soon as GRIPS is up to date with no. of digits in the question to 10, the addition of 4 dummy zeroes in-front of the 10-digit assigned to any e-assessment Query Slip will be discontinued.

5. In case of refund of e-Payment, at the time of submission of refund utility the applicant will be requested to pick out the splendid registration workplace via which he needs to manner the refund software and the refund utility will be forwarded to the involved workplace for taking quintessential action.

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