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Capturing of graphic of identifier in registration device

In phrases of area 34 of the Registration Act. 1908. appearances earlier than the Registering Officer are obligatory for all men and women executing any report introduced for registration and the Registering officer is required to fulfil himself as to the identification of the humans acting earlier than him i.e., the executants and alleging that they have done the document.

2. Further such pleasure of the Registering officer as to the identification of the executants is additionally based on the declaration of the Identifier who L anticipated to be truly acquainted with the person(s) whose identity is to installed and this is presently being captured solely below a signature of the identifier.

3. To satisfactorily set up the genuineness about the identification of executants and additionally to keep away from any instances of impersonation. the Governor is hereby thrilled to determine to additionally seize the image and thumb effect of the Identifier collectively with his signature at the time of registration of the report in the online Registration gadget of this Directorate.

4. Accordingly the Registering Officer-involved shall henceforth seize the graphic and thumb influence of the Identifier alongside his signature at the time of registration of any document.

5. This is issued with an immediate impact on the activity of public service.

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