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The amalgamation of 5 DSRs of South 24 Parganas

No. 1808-FT dated 07.11.2019-ln exercising of the strength conferred through sub-section (2) of the part (7) of the

Registration Act, 1908 (Act sixteen of 1908) (hereinafter referred to as the stated Act) and in amendment of all formerly notifications on the issue manner, the Governor is thrilled hereby to amalgamate the places of work of the 5 District sub-Registrars of the district of south 24 Parganas, particularly District sub-Registrar – I. south 24 Parganas, District Sub-Registrar – II, south 24 Pargana District Sub-Registrar – Ill, south 24 Parganas. District sub-Registrar – IV.

South 24 Parganas and District uh-Registrar – V, South 24 Parganas, who all are subordinate to District Registrar, South 24 Parganas, with the workplace of the District Registrar, south 24 Parganas and the stated 5 District uh-Registrars of the district of South 24 Pargan11s an: hereby aulhori7.ed to work out and operate the powers and responsibilities of the District Registrar, South 24 Parganas below the stated Act without these cited in area sixty-eight and area seventy-two of the stated Act;

2. This order shall come into force with impact from the 11nth day of November. 2019.

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