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Modalities for Market Value Assessment – modification of 1899-F(Y)

The market valuation database of land in the State is maintained at the Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue. The manner of presenting the relevant Market Value for distinctive precise necessities of a range of requisitioning authorities beneath the Government Departments. Organizations, Autonomous Bodies, Parastatals. etc. for functions different than Registration of the stated immovable property has been reviewed by way of the State Government.

2. Now. in the partial change of FD Memo no. 1899-F(Y) dated 24th March 2018, the Governor is thrilled to determine the fabulous Registering Authorities that shall furnish the market valuation of immovable houses as follows:

i) In instances the complete vicinity of the challenge land/property does now not exceed two acres, the requisition for such market valuation in the fabulous Requisition Form shall be despatched to the worried Additional District Sub-Registrar or Sub-Registrar. as the case may also be. who shall examine and grant the valuation of the concerned land/property at once to the requisitioning authority?

ii) In instances the place the complete region of the challenge land/property exceeds two acres. the requisition for such market valuation in the excellent Requisition Form shall be despatched to the worried District Registrar, who shall grant the valuation of the challenge land/property after the session with the involved Registering Authority(s) underneath his control. However, earlier than supplying such valuation to the requisitioning authority the District Registrar shall:

a. Where the region does no longer exceed 10 acres. are trying to find the concurrence of the Deputy Inspector General of Registration (DIGR) in Charge of that Range.

b. Where the vicinity exceeds IO acre. are looking for the concurrence of the Inspector General of Registration (]GR) via the DIGR of that Range. The DIGR shall have a look at the depend and ahead of it to the IGR solely if he consents with the valuation.

iii) In instances of valuations sought with the aid of Honourable Courts concerning Probate matters, the market valuation shall be furnished with the aid of the involved Registering Authority itself without delay to the Court irrespective of the place involved.

iv) In instances of valuation of one-of-a-kind nature of initiatives like Townships, Industrial Parks, Entertainment Parks, PPP Projects, etc. the requisition in the fabulous Requisition Form shall be despatched immediately to the IGR irrespective of the location involved.

In the case of SI. No. two (i) & two (ii) (a) above, no in addition reference to the IGR is required. However, if the involved ADSR/District Registrar/DIGR believes that a session with the IGR is necessary, they shall genuinely point out such factors of the session and are trying to find views of the IGR earlier than supplying the market valuation of such difficult land/property.

3. It is reiterated that in every case the requisition of market fee from the respective Registering Authorities shall be made in the relevant Requisition Form for such reason duly crammed in incorporating all the indispensable parameters as mentioned in the stated Form. The pattern Requisition Forms are handy at hltps://

4. The involved Registering Authority shall supply integral help to the requisitioning authority in filling the Requisition Forms appropriately if needed, and apt tries need to be made so that improperly stuffed Requisition Forms due to lack of suited guidance/knowledge and incomplete records are averted from submission at the first stage itself to expedite market price evaluation and forestall any errors.

5. Before offering the market valuation to the requisitioning authority, the Registering Authorities shall do due diligence and judiciously practice their thought to arrive at the valuation. They shall look at the requisitions acquired thinking about all integral elements and parameters. For example. in case the proposed use of land is now not handy in the Registration System as a Classification of Land. the worried Registering Authorities shall determine the excellent relevant Classification with due software of thought and inform the requisitioning authority about the classification regarded for evaluation with the market price provided. Also, the Registering Authority shall habit spot enquiry(s) in the case felt vital for the duration of any assessment. For example, in the case of a proposed use as factory/warehouse/industry, a spot goes to may additionally be indispensable to arrive at a conclusive choice related to market valuation.

6. In all cases, upon receipt of the requisition via any Registering Office both without delay or at its subordinate offices, the market fee must be communicated to the respective Requisitioning Authority within 7 working days of receiving the requisition.

7. This Order is issued with an on-the-spot effect.

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