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No. 450 – FT., dated the sixth day of March 2017.-ln exercising of the strength conferred by way of area seventy-eight of the Registration Act, 1908 (16 of 1908), the Governor is thrilled hereby to make the following modification in the desk of expenses posted below the Judicial Department Notification No.3333-Rgn., dated the third September 1977, as because of this amended by using the Judicial Department Notification No.4045-Regn., dated the 2nd January 1986 and Finance ( Taxation) Department Notification No.480-FT dated fifteenth February 2002 (hereinafter referred to as the stated notification):-


In “Table of Fees” of the stated notification, beneath the heading “1. Ordinary Fees, for the object (1) of article A, alternative the following item:

“(1) the prices payable for the registration of the files shall be calculated –(a) Where clause (16B) of part two of the Indian Stamp( West Bengal change Act No.17 of 1990) Act, 1899 ( hereinafter referred to as the stated Act) and the West Bengal Stamp ( Prevention of Undervaluation of Instruments) Rules,2001 as in consequence amended utilizing the Notification No. 1614-FT dated 05.10.2010 and Notification No. 2052- FT dated 07.12.15 ( hereinafter referred to as the stated rules) are relevant, on the foundation of market cost of the proper, title and activity so created through such record and at the price of 1% of such cost rounded to nearest total rupee, difficulty to a minimal of Rs. 50.00.

(b) Where the stated part of the stated Act and the stated policies are no longer relevant and the cost of the right, title and pastime so created is expressed in the document, on the groundwork of price referred to in such file and at the price of 1% of such price rounded to nearest entire rupee, situation to a minimal of Rs.50.00.

2. This notification shall come into pressure with impact from the seventh day of March 2017.

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