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SMS alert after presentation of deed

Circular No. 01/2016

The registration procedure is now absolutely below a computerized device the use of web-based architecture. Every effort has been made to make the device consumer pleasant and fast-moving in the Interest of the public.

Delivery of archives is one of the integral offerings of the registration procedure. The files ought to be instantly delivered, after completion of registration thru the machine of e-nathikaran, to the existing or different man or woman accepted to acquire them, collectively with an SMS alert.

The copies of the deeds are now additionally handy on the internet site of this Directorate underneath the ‘e­District’ programme.

Registering officers need to take each and every step to entire the registration procedure and supply the file to the birthday celebration worried underneath part 61(2) of the Registration Act,1908 in his presence on the date of the presentation itself i.e., the equal date stated on the receipt granted underneath clause (b) of sub-section (1) of area fifty-two of the Registration Act.

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