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Preservation of registered document in e-Nathikaran in pdf form


No.03/IGR, the twenty-first December 2015. -In exercising of the energy conferred by way of part sixty-nine of the Registration Act, 1908 (16 of 1908), the Inspector General of Registration, West Bengal, with the approval of the State Government, hereby makes, with immediate effect, the following modification in the West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962, as in consequence amended (hereinafter referred to as the stated rules): –


In the stated rules, in Chapter-I, after sub-rule (3) of rule 6, insert the following sub-rule: –

“(4) The books and different files which are stored in the respective registration workplaces or issued from the specific registration offices, shall be preserved in portable· file layout (pdf) in the Centralised Registration System i.e., e-nathikaran after getting these files authenticated or digitally signed with the aid of the involved registration officer or any officer specifically engaged in this behalf.”

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