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Activist writes to Attorney General for consent to provoke contempt complaints in opposition to Yati Narsinghanand

An activist has written to the Attorney General of India K.K. Venugopal on Thursday looking for consent to provoke contempt complaints in opposition to Yati Narsinghanand for his alleged remarks in an interview on the Constitution of India and the Supreme Court.

The activist, Shachi Nelli from Maharashtra, stated in her letter that Narsinghanand had made contemptuous remarks in opposition to the Supreme Court. As per the letter: “Yati Narsinghanand has allegedly stated in the interview that those who agree with in the Supreme Court will die a dog’s death.”

The letter reads:

“On being requested about the courtroom court cases in the Haridwar Hate Speech case, Yati Narsinghanand went on to kingdom that he had no belief in the Supreme Court and the Constitution and that the Constitution will devour the one hundred crore Hindus of this country.”

The letter alleges that Narsinghanand reportedly stated those who considered in the Constitution would be killed. Those who trust in this system, in these politicians, in the Supreme Court, and the Army will all die the death of a dog, Narsinghanand is pronounced to have said. The letter additionally supplied the inks to the aforementioned clips.

As per the letter, the remarks made via Yati Narsinghanand undermine the majesty of the group and the authority vested in the Supreme Court of India. It is a vile and clear strive at interfering in the path of justice via the ability of abusive rhetoric and baseless assaults on the integrity of the Constitution and the Courts, the letter reads.

The letter reads:

“Any such strive to damage the majesty of the group and cut down the trust that residents of India have in the Court can result in entire chaos and anarchy. This is possibly the most vicious assault on the Supreme Court in its history.”

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