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Things to Keep In Mind When Making Your Home Elder-Friendly

Attention to element is essential with regards to designing a residence for senior citizens. For a residence to come to be senior-friendly, sure matters need to be taken care of. One has to maintain their constrained mobility, the tendency to trip/slip and fall, in addition to blurred imaginative and prescient thoughts in order that you’ll be able to create a space, that is handy for the aged folks. To make certain the right functioning of the residence and simplicity of residing, sure layout requirements need to be observed whilst designing the residence. In this article, we are able to have a take observe some key matters.

Space clearances for mobility gadgets

In a domestic that is supposed for seniors, one has to maintain the opportunity of mobility gadgets like wheelchairs in thoughts. Shiv Shankar Pandey, leader task officer at a main senior residing network in India says, “While sizing the rooms, the important clearances after making plans the furnishings format wishes to be furnished for wheelchair movement. It is suggested to refer to the American Disability Act or the National Building Code for the same.”

Convenience is primarily based on total configurations

While a high-stop ornamental object like a statue or a vase can also additionally look like a normal family object, it’s miles unstable with regard to age, as it would block movement. “Configurations ought to be designed in basic terms primarily based totally on convenience. Things which are accessed every day ought to be saved inside attain and preferably in drawers so it is simple to access. Shelves for the show can from time to time be hard to preserve if now no longer required for sensible use,” mentions Sangeeta Advani Mansharamani, fundamental fashion dressmaker and co-founding father of Fine Lines Designers.

Special interest in lavatories

Elders are at the most hazard with regards to lavatories because the hazard of falling is better due to the moist and slippery floors. Mansharamani advises, “Flooring of the room and restroom ought to be anti-skid. There are quite a few honed and tough finishes of tile and marble to be had to choose from. Bathroom fittings ought to additionally be adjustable to their use and clutch bars ought to be mounted as consistent with requirements. Glass booths rather than beginning inward ought to open outward. Adding to this point, Pandey mentions, “The positioning of sanitary ware and CP fittings wishes to be executed with attention to the wheelchair. The peak of the fittings additionally wishes to be special accordingly. Other important factors can also additionally consist of a bath seat and a hand shower.”


The fabric used withinside the doorways and additionally the width of the hole need to be one of a kind from regular houses. As cited earlier, the doorways ought to open at the outer aspect and be on hand with a wheelchair as well. Pandey shares, “It is optimum to keep away from latches and offer locks, which may be accessed in instances of an emergency. The advocated clean beginning width is 900mm.”

Proper lights

The lights in this sort of residence ought to be enough as this thing is of paramount importance. On the alternative hand, there ought to now no longer be an excessive amount of synthetic mild as it would damage their eyesight.

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