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Now, Three-Tier System To Address Petty Issues In Co-Op Hsg Societies

Petty troubles pertaining to cooperative housing societies, such as individuals now not getting the share certificates or receipts, non-payment of upkeep via members, or even disputes between one or greater contributors will now be addressed via a three-tier gadget of committees shaped with the assist of the cooperation branch officers and the Maharashtra State Housing Federation (MSHF) members.

Currently, there are over 15,000 petty instances pending from almost 1. 12 lakh registered cooperative housing societies in the state. Anil Kawade, Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar of Cooperative Societies, stated on Wednesday that the goal is to nip petty disputes in the bud proper at the start. “We will launch this one of a kind force on May 26 and urge cooperative housing societies to take part in resolving such troubles amicably via the three-tier machine rather of going to court. This will carry down petty disputes,” he said.

State cooperative housing federation, which has actively helped the branch in designing the three levels, stated that it will assist the societies to get to the bottom of such petty disputes at the nearby level. “We have already been guiding many societies and this will be a formalised structure,” stated Suhas Pat- wardhan, vice-chairman, MSHF.

Seemingly small troubles have frequently led to large conflicts in housing societies. For instance, an argument over the usage of a frequent parking house led a member of a housing society to chorus from paying renovation expenses recently, stated cooperation branch officials. The individual went to the police station when requested to pay up. “These troubles have to be addressed first at the managing committee-appointed dispute redressal gadget or the federation and cooperation department, which can be without difficulty resolved,” stated a cooperation branch official.

While there is a provision in the co-operative legal guidelines that suggests that a redressal committee be formed, this is an extension. “This will assist limit the instances being filed with the Deputy District Registrars in the state,” the legitimate said. There are 39 deputy district registrars in the state.

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