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Bidhannagar police officers ask New Town RWAs to furnish the list of tenants

Bidhannagar Police has requested RWAs in New Town to perceive apartments that have been rented out. Cops are planning to do habits shock visits to confirm if the individuals staying at the residences are identical to those noted in the verification files submitted earlier than the police.

The go used to be initiated after Bidhannagar Police unearthed a racket of faux name centre operators who have been working out of residences and homes in New Town and Salt Lake.

“We have been inquiring for RWA participants beneath our jurisdiction to put together a listing of the tenants of their respective housing society in a unique structure and ship it to us. The exercising will assist us in growing a sparkling database of tenants residing in the complexes the place we design to habits random bodily verifications,” stated a senior legitimate of Bidhannagar Commissionerate.

The RWA individuals have been requested to point out the tower and flat range of the tenant, period of the tenancy, whether or not the tenant frequently stays at the flat or maintains it vacant, nature of tenancy (whether students, families, job holder or PG), the approximate range of men and women staying in one flat, identify and telephone variety of the broker/ landlord and if any different factors that the society participants choose to add.

At New Town and Salt Lake, the place a giant variety of outsiders continue to be as tenants, it is the norm to put up important points of all tenants who stay in the Bidhannagar Commissionerate’s jurisdiction. The exercise has been there for a lengthy however after law enforcement officials busted a faux name centre racket beforehand this month they realised a feasible fallacy in the system.

Close to Rs four crore of unlawful cash used to be recovered from the residences and police officers observed fraudsters residing as tenants and paying friends whilst working as faux name centre executives from the flats. The revelation made police officers take the sparkling initiative to make a new database.

“At Bidhannagar Police we ask landlords to post the small print of tenants with important points about their identity, job, location of work, previous dwelling and photocopies of identification playing cards alongside lease agreements. With the archives in hand, we behaviour heritage verification of the tenants. After the modern revelation, we are getting ready a clean listing of tenants and sketch to habits shock visits at their properties as nicely to suit the inhabitants with these submitted in the verification documents,” stated the officer. The residents have welcomed the move.

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