Property Dispute

Property disputes in India is a very common form of a legal dispute that can strain family relations, break friendships, and create immense inconvenience. Property disputes involve two or more parties, and often the main reason behind the dispute is the possession of the property. When NRIs travel abroad, or when family members are unable to manage the property, land-related disputes sprout due to lack of control over the property. If you are involved in any form of property disputes, you can now avail our services to find solutions to your problems. Some of the most common forms of disputes arise regarding the possession of the property, where parties claim that the property is not possessed or lawfully. Disputes can also revolve around title ownership to the property or rental disputes between landlords and tenants.

One of the most common form of property disputes in India involves cooperative societies and apartment associations. Most often, these disputes can be resolved by arbitration under specific housing co-operative acts. With expansion of flats and apartment complexes, there is also an expansion of disputes between buyers and developers. Under the RERA Act of 2016, promoters and builders should be aware of their age-old practices and take necessary precautions while dealing with buyers. Today, allegations by buyers of misleading and cheating builders is very common, especially in consumer forums. Property dispute in India can also arise between local municipality or civic bodies, and developers/promoters.

Some of the property disputes can be resolved by execution suits, declaratory suits or injunctions. However, you should always consult a professional to avail the right service for your problems. Whether you need to invoke writ jurisdiction or resolve property disputes through a family settlement, or partition, these are all answers that can be best given by a real estate lawyer. You can subscribe to our website today to receive our monthly housing law updates. If you are facing a specific property dispute, kindly follow fill out the Contact Form here and get in touch.