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As a lawyer, business consultant and academician for the last 10 years, Advocate Chenoy Ceil has always been an initiative to help others. Rated as one of the top 3 property lawyers in West Bengal & Kolkata, Advocate Chenoy Ceil is an initiative which continues to focus on excellence, experience and expertise. The content, opinion, notes, discussion, comments, and replies presented here are not an alternative to in-depth legal advice/help from a local lawyer through one-on-one consultation. At the end of the day, this is but an online platform to spread information. The information presented here is in the public domain, and law as a subject is dynamic in nature, constantly evolving. It is best recommended to seek legal advice and verify the content or information available online before blindly following any such statements. Your support has helped us through the past 10 years to grow as a leading real estate lawyer and consultant in West Bengal and Kolkata, and continues to be the source of inspiration behind this website.

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