NRI Consulting

NRI Consulting in India is dedicated for NRIs who are Non-Resident Indians, or those who are Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) or anyone who does not reside in India, and want to invest in Indian properties. The potential of high returns from commercial and residential properties in India is immense, and this is attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into the real estate sector in India. The high growth rate of the real estate market, coupled with the reforms in regularizing the real estate sector is another major reason for investing in the property sector in India. To meet the ever-increasing demand of the real estate sector in India, banking institutions are also providing schemes and funds dedicated to those investing in the housing market.

However, despite all these benefits, there are also obstacles plaguing the real estate market in India. NRIs, OCIs and non-citizens of India, who are residing outside India should deal with red-tapisim existing within India. NRIs face a lot of obstacles if they want to manage their properties in India, or if they want to sell/buy properties, or seek verified tenants for their properties in India. To meet this growing demand of customers, we have collaborated with multiple real estate Partners across India who can provide wide range of NRI Consulting services.

With our expert legal team, you can be residing in any part of the world, and yet protect your properties in India, keep track of your properties and be aware of your legal rights in India. We allow you to make informed decisions about your property. We understand your problems, and provide customized advice specific to your situation. However, before investing in properties in India, we recommend you to complete your own research properly on the various real estate investment schemes.

We provide trusted real estate advice and value-added services for NRI real estate protection in India. Our customer centric services are focused on providing NRI consulting services across the world through our regional legal partners. We are experienced in providing project planning, project management, as well as property management services. Our professional expertise will provide you security and peace of mind due to complete transparency through all our real estate services. Our NRI Consulting services are not limited by time or geographic constraints. You can subscribe to our website today to receive regular update, and signup for our monthly housing law updates. For more information, you can also fill out the Contact Form here.