Property Due Diligence

Importance of Property Due Diligence

Real estate buyers in India must conduct thorough property due diligence and property searching to prevent future legal disputes. Due diligence means activities conducted to inspect and investigate the title of the property. In West Bengal and Kolkata, the searching of the property before sale/purchase consists of scrutiny of legal affairs about the property. It is important to uncover all the legal risks associated with the property to help the buyer realize the true worth of the property. If you are a potential buyer, you should avail a comprehensive search report from an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata, before you sign any real estate agreements. The search report from a reputed real estate lawyer like Advocate Chenoy Ceil ensures that properties are legally suitable, not embroiled in legal disputes, and free from all encumbrances.

Property Searching and Due Diligence

All types of properties in West Bengal and Kolkata should be scrutinized by an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata for property searching. At Advocate Chenoy Ceil, we offer streamlined search reports based on scrutiny of sale deeds, sale agreements, khajna, parcha and property tax receipts, municipal tax documents or panchayat tax receipts, title clearances, building plan searching, clearance under the land ceiling act, encumbrance certificates, land registry searching, courts searching, and all other clearances and approvals. Do ensure that you receive the property search report from the lawyer after the search is done. This will help you understand if you should invest in that property.

Overall, property searching is a complicated process involving several steps, which can only be performed by an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata. For more information, or to avail of our property services, you can fill out the contact form here. You can also learn more about Advocate Chenoy Ceil to ensure you have the best property lawyer services in Kolkata.