wills and probate

Importance of Wills

Wills and Probate are important to securely declare how you intend to divide or distribute your assets, wealth, and property after death. It is the best way to ensure that your wishes are respected after your demise. The laws of succession and inheritance in India regulate how wealth and assets are distributed after the demise of a person. When no Wills are made, properties devolve according to intestate succession. If a Will is created, then assets are distributed according to testamentary succession. However, Wills and Probate go hand in hand and you need to consult an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata who can guide you through this process.

Testamentary Succession

Laws of succession can be complicated and intestate succession can lead to complex property issues and questions. Hence, you should predict the future and resolve unforeseen property disputes by creating a Will, which is carefully drafted by an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata. If there is any untimely demise, properties can often be held in family disputes for several generations. The best way to resolve such issues is to take the precautionary measure of creating a Will that can be easily enforced to divide property among your heirs. At Advocate Chenoy Ceil, we offer the best property lawyer services in drafting Wills and we also provide Probate services in West Bengal and Kolkata.

Apart from creating a Will, you should be aware of the features of a Will, including the role of the beneficiary and the executor. The executor is defined under Section 2(c) of the Indian Succession Act 1925 and he/she has the power to carry out the directions given in the Testament or Will. If you are creating a last Will, then you must consider various factors before deciding who can be the best person to execute your wishes upon your demise. To help you with Wills and Probate, it is recommended to consult an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata, such as Advocate Chenoy Ceil, who has over 10+ years of experience dealing in such matters.

Process of Making Wills and Probate

Although Wills mandate the last wishes of the testator, there are times when a Will can be challenged in court. A Will can also be revoked or altered at any point in time if the maker wants to do so. It is recommended that everyone creates a Will and keeps it safe. Once your Will has been created, you can update and change it later based on your requirements. Wills and Probate in Kolkata and West Bengal should become a common phenomenon as it is one of the most vital legal agreements that define the rights to property after the demise of a person. At Advocate Chenoy Ceil, we encourage our clients to make Wills to safeguard their assets after their demise. However, getting the Probate of the Will after the demise of the person can be a tedious process and you need expert legal help from an experienced property lawyer in Kolkata, such as Advocate Chenoy Ceil.

Wills and Probate in India follow specific rules and guidelines which can be best understood by legal professionals. You can easily avail of our services for drafting Wills or for obtaining Probate of the Will from courts. You can also find a few basic legal formats for your assistance. Wills and Probate can help resolve your property disputes as well. For more information, you can contact us here or read about Advocate Chenoy Ceil.