Housing Society or Association Formation

An apartment or flat in a housing association is a self contained housing unit that forms part of a building/association. Cooperative Housing societies are primarily formed in India under State specific legislation to create democratic voluntary organizations that can regulate the functioning of the housing societies within the State. Different states in India have different rules guiding the formation of housing association or cooperative housing society in India. An apartment generally means a property that has direct exit to a road or to a common area leading to such road and the apartment along with common areas and facilities forms an independent residential unit and it may also include a flat. Housing associations are formed in India for ownership of an individual apartment and to make such apartment heritable and transferable property. Housing Societies are democratic organization where flat/apartment owners/members control the society, without any interference from developers or promoters. The concept of apartment association or housing society in India was born due to increasing population and growing need for housing. Housing associations are formed to govern rules regarding the common areas, facilities, and the percentage share of each apartment owner in the apartment building.

Housing associations in India work for the welfare of the residents. The benefit of registering properties under housing association/cooperative housing society is avoidance of disputes. Housing associations formed without registration cannot be termed as illegal per se but are rather considered as interim/ad-hoc/unregistered association. For NRIs who own apartments/flats in India, housing associations can cause real pain if you do not know how to manage your property.

Forming an apartment association or housing society is the best option to deal with maintenance charges, member disputes and housing property heritance. Associations in India can be formed under co-operative housing society act, apartment association act, as a trust or also as a non-profitable company. If you need services related to housing association formation or cooperative housing disputes in India, then kindly follow our website and get in touch.

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