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Tenancy Agreement Format

THIS AGREEMENT is made on this ………….. Day of ………………… ….. BETWEEN ____________________________, son of ______________________________, residing at _______________________________________ hereinafter called the LANDLORD (which expression shall unless repugnant to the context and meaning thereof, include his heirs, legal representatives and assigns) of the ONE PART -AND- ___________________________________, son of _________________________ residing at _____________________________________hereinafter called the TENANT of the OTHER PART:

WHEREAS the Landlord is the sole and absolute owner of the Land and ______ storeyed house at ____________________ and hereinafter called as the said House.
WHEREAS the Tenant has approached and have requested the Landlord to allow the Tenant to use the Ground floor of the said house at ____________________________________________ for residential purpose and the Landlord agreed to grant a tenancy of the Ground floor of the said House to the Tenant and the tenant is residing there since ____________________ on the terms and conditions as mentioned herein under.

a. The Tenancy shall commence or deemed to have commenced from ______________________;
b. That the Tenant shall use the ground floor of the said House solely for residential purpose and for no other purpose which may any time be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord and/ or the occupants of the same premises and/ or other buildings in the neighborhood;
c. The Tenant shall pay a sum of Rs_____________________/- (Rupees _____________________________) only per month towards the rent. The said rent shall be payable to the Landlord according to the English Calendar month regularly without any default within the 7th day of each and every month for the month for which the same may be due. The tenant has also paid a sum of Rs______________/- as deposit.
d. The Tenant shall pay the electricity charges for the electricity consumed in respect of the ground floor of the said House without any default.
e. The Tenant if during the currency of the Tenancy Agreement are not willing to continue with the said tenancy then in that event they shall hand over peaceful and vacant possession of the said tenanted portion of the House to the Landlord in its original condition and the Landlord shall return the deposit to him or adjust the said deposit in the last month of the Tenant’s stay.

a) That the Landlord shall bear and pay all Property Tax, Corporation Tax, Urban Land Tax payable in respect of the said House or any other additional tax, cesses etc. which may be imposed by the Municipal Corporation and/ or any other statutory bodies.
b) That the Landlord will supply water to the Tenant from the overhead tank free of cost.

Any notice required to be given by the Landlord to the Tenant shall be deemed to be duly received and served on the Tenant, if such notice has been addressed to the Tenant at their last known address as communicated to the Landlord and such notice shall be deemed to be validly given and will be binding and legal. Any notice required to be given to the Landlord by the Tenant shall be deemed to be duly received by and served on the Landlord if such notice has been addressed to the Landlord at his residence in _____________________ above written and has been sent by registered post.

This Tenancy Agreement has been made in all respects in the local jurisdiction of and payment of rent in respect of the Ground Floor of the said House shall be made in ______________ only. The Courts in _______________________alone shall have jurisdiction to entertain any suit, application or other proceeding in respect of any claim or dispute arising under this Tenancy Agreement.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF we, the abovenamed Landlord and Tenants, subscribe our hands and seal the day month and the year noted above.

SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED by the LANDLORD abovenamed at __________________in the presence of:

SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED by the TENANT abovenamed at _______________ in the presence of:

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