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What to do when Documents of the House or Land are Lost

Missing Property Documents

The original sale documents, lease papers and titles are essential requirements during the registration of a property and no one can buy or sell real estate property without these legal documents in West Bengal. Sometimes people accidentally misplaced or lost their property-related documents. It is important to keep regular check the documents to ensure the safe possession of these documents. If you have lost the original sales document or your property deed, such as a lease, you can obtain a duplicate document by the following methods. If you are missing your property documents, then you must consult a property lawyer who can guide you about your next steps.

Obtain Duplicate Missing Property Documents Procedure:

Missing documents play an important role, especially in case of sale and purchase of property transactions. With missing paper, it is not so easy task to sell a property. In the case of a lost document you need to get a duplicate and you have to spent a good amount extra. Here are the steps you need to follow to get duplicate documents for your property:

  • File a police complaint immediately:

You should file a police complaint as soon as possible after you realize that you have lost your property documents. Only the home or landowner has to file an FIR for the stolen or lost property papers, and he or she has to mention the complete details about the loss. Take a copy of the FIR and keep it in a safe place as buyers may ask for it when selling the property. 

  • Publish an advertisement:

Once you have filed an FIR, you need to publish an advertisement in the English daily journal and in a local newspaper about the loss of property documents. Then you have to wait for the next fifteen to twenty days to see if anyone find it and return it within that time frame. 

  • File an application for share certificate:

By showing your FIR, you can apply for a share certificate from the Housing Association. The authorized Resident Welfare Association (RWA) arrange a society meeting and examine your proof of legal document loss (FIR). After getting the approval, the housing society will charge a fee and give you a share certificate in exchange. Also, you can request to the society members for a no-objection certificate as it plays an important role in further property selling.    

  • Register with the notary:

The next step is to prepare stamp paper about the loss of certain property documents, including the advertisement text published in the journal and the police complaint number. Documents will be verified and registered with a notary to make it legal.

The final step is to obtain a duplicate copy of the property sales document. This is why you will have to submit copies of police complaints, advertisement text, share certificates and the notary. All records relating to property transactions will be kept in a particular office. So, you have to pay the fee and they will provide a duplicate copy of the property document.

  • Get the duplicate sale deed:

Apart from the above, you can also apply to obtain the certified copy of the lost sale deed. To receive the missing property documents, consult one of the best property lawyers in West Bengal and Kolkata who is conversant in such matters and can help you retrieve these documents.


Although the entire procedure will cost a big amount of money, you will eventually receive a legal duplicate copy of your property. Bank loans are not easily allowed for such properties, but after verifying all documents, FIR copy, loans are approved easily. Lastly, we can say that if you lost the documents of your house or land, then you are advised to follow the above steps to get a duplicate copy easily in West Bengal. For help with retrieving your missing property documents, consult us here.

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