Housing Society Rules

Co-operative Society cannot Charge Fee or Raise Donation to Approve Transfer of Property

Generally, co-operative housing societies in West Bengal and Kolkata tend to charge transfer fees while transferring apartments or flats from present member to another. However, under the new amendments under the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act 2006, read with the Rules 2011 thereunder, charging donation fee or transfer fee is illegal for co-operative housing societies. Cooperative society cannot charge transfer fee in West Bengal and you should seek help from a professional lawyer who can guide you in this process. The best property lawyers in West Bengal and Kolkata can guide you about how to recover the transfer fee or challenge the same.

In co-operative housing societies, there are numerous provisions which apply toward charging fees from members of the society. However, disputes are very common in housing societies these days, and you need to consult experienced property lawyers to guide in such situations. Today, cooperative society cannot charge transfer fee in West Bengal and Kolkata and you should not encourage the same.

However, co-operative societies can raise funds for certain specific purposes and this can be allowed under certain conditions. However, anything contrary to the WBCS Act 2006 or Rules 2011 can be held illegal by the Registrar of Co-operative Housing Societies. For more details, contact an experienced property lawyer in West Bengal who has experience in dealing with housing society rules and regulations. Coopeartive society cannot charge transfer fee. For further help, do contact us here.

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