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New Changes to Thika Tenancy in West Bengal

Under the new law, the thika tenants or bharatias will not require the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Thika Controller before applying to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to bring about changes to the structures. The government is trying to provide Occupancy Certificates to all Thika Tenants that allows them to directly apply for building plan from the KMC. Under the system, thika tenants will no longer be required to wait to get approved NOC from the Thika Controller.

This is a great initiative by the government to cut down on the multiple regulations that complicate the process of Thika Tenancy in West Bengal. However, it will also create chaos with realtors rushing to the thika tenants to get power of attorneys that will then allow them to obtain building plans sanctioned by the KMC. For thika tenants living in poverty and slums, this move allows them to bargain and create value for the land they are holding. However, most thika tenants are unaware of their rights and realtors are lurking to take advantage of them.

This will lead to further disputes and unless effectively controlled, this initiative can backfire.

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As of now over 28,000 applications for construction of buildings on thika and khatal land have been pending with the KMC for the past 10 years and it is to be seen how the KMC handles this new ruling. Further, any amendment to the law will be highly contested and it is to be seen how the courts adjudicate the matter. For more details, or help in thika tenancy matters, contact one of the best property lawyers in West Bengal and Kolkata. Fill out the form here.

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