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What to do if Property Document Gets Destroyed in a Fire?

If you property document gets destroyed in a fire then you must seek help from a property lawyer in West Bengal to retrieve the documents. These losses include sensitive personal documents or other documents like the documents of properties or assets. There are different procedures to get back the property documents which are destroyed in fire.

Some of the rights provided through property documents:

  • It gives possession of the property.
  • It provides the right to use the property and enclose it.
  • It provides the right to acquisition of the property.
  • It provides the right to access easement.
  • It gives right to partition.

Types of properties:

There are many documents which every individual wants back when it is destroyed or lost because such documents provide rights over the properties or provide possession in that property. Some properties are grouped as under:-

State documents:

  • Divorce and Marriage certificates
  • Birth and death certificates
  • State tax returns
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Property records and real estate documents
  • Vehicle titles and registration

Personal documents:

  • Debit cards or credit cards
  • Chequebooks and similar banking documents
  • Medical records

Procedure for getting documents lost or destroyed:

It is necessary to keep the property documents in a safe place or in safe custody because these property documents are required for various purposes in future, for example, these documents are required to sell or lease the property or for other important purposes. If your property document gets destroyed in a fire, it is important to get duplicate papers for it. Some procedures are given below to get the duplicate papers:-

1. File a complaint in the police station of your jurisdiction:
It is necessary to file a complaint in the police station of your jurisdiction as soon as possible. The complaint must be made by the owner of the property saying that the property papers are destroyed in fire. And the owner of the property must keep the FIR copy with them because they may require it when they sell the property.

2. An advertisement should be published:
After filing the FIR, it is necessary to publish an advertisement in the newspaper regarding the destroyed papers in fire. Then the owner of the property should wait for 15 days to see if any individual finds it and return it within the specified time period.

3. An application for share certificate:
Now, the owner of the property can make an application for share certificate from the housing society. Then the authority of housing society calls for a meeting and checks the loss of the property on the basis of the FIR. And when the application is accepted, the authority provides a share certificate. And the owner also urges for NOC certificate from the authority.

4. It is necessary to register with the notary:
Now, the owner of the property should prepare a stamp paper on which it must declare the destruction or loss of the documents in fire and should attach the stamp paper with the advertisement published before and the FIR number. Then documents get attested and registered with the notary and become legal.

5. Lastly, to get duplicate sale deed:
The last step is to get the duplicate sale deed or duplicate property papers. The owner of the property must provide copies of the advertisement, FIR copy, the share certificate and the notary stamped paper to the registrar office because all the records of the properties are kept in the registrar office. When all the conditions are fulfilled then only the registrar office issue the duplicate property papers or duplicate copy of the sale deed after depositing necessary fees of the work in the registrar office.

A property lawyer can help you if your property document gets destroyed in a fire and you should consult one of best property lawyer in West Bengal to guide you if anything like this happens in Kolkata or West Bengal.


If your property document gets destroyed in a fire, then you need to apply for duplicate paper of the property which is legally certified. So, it is better to consult with a property lawyer in West Bengal who can guide you through the entire process. For more details, contact us here.

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